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24 Mar
Bunny Peeps Dice Cover Up Game

Hopefully Spring will come some day in PA!!!  It’s a high of 32 here today… But we can add a little Spring teaching even if winter decided to stay.  Try some fun bunny games: Bunny Peeps Scream SPRING Fun!!!  Let’s play a counting game.  All you need is the game board below and found here, 2 dice, and markers (I used bunny crackers).  Students take turns rolling the dice, adding their roll, and covering the sum.  First person to cover all their peeps wins!   How about a bunny counting puzzle.  You can find the... 

23 Mar
Bunny Bottle Sensory Craft

Here are two fun sensory themed ideas for a bunny themed unit:  (For More Learning Bunny Fun – See this Unit) The first is a fun craft.  An O-So Cute Bunny Sensory Bottle!!! You need a bottle filled with water.  I used the sports bottles that are circular shaped, but you can use any shaped bottle. I used a sharpie to outline a bunny face  on the bottle. Students picked a color they wanted. They picked a glitter as well.  They also put a plastic bunny inside the bottle. Once all of this is added, the bottle gets closed and the... 

22 Mar
Some Bunny Loves You and Carrots Too Craft

I have been working on a bunny unit all month with my favorite Preschool kids!!!   I just posted my unit in my stores.  Click here to learn more!!! I plan to share a few bunny themed ideas over the next few days! This week we had a bunny visitor come to the classroom.  My co-worker happened to have a bunny!  The kids loved having her bunny visit.  Such a friendly little guy! One thing Preschool has taught me over these past two years…  I can touch almost any animal and act fearless when faced with a bunch of Preschoolers watching... 

23 Apr
Spring Thaw Nail Polish Favor!

Just had a little Spring Thaw with a few friends to welcome Spring! Here’s my attempt at all the flip flop  wreaths seen on Pinterest!   All dollar store - about 10 dollars to make.  Took me about 12 minutes to throw together. My glue gun and cardboard cut base were used to make this! A little tacky – but a fun colorful way to Welcome Spring!  If you want to see more of these – click here! I’m not the only one who finds them amusing and you will see from the link! As a little treat for some of my favorite girls... 

24 Mar

I love the Jelly Bean Prayer!  After Easter when I return to CCD, I want to spend some time going over it with my class.  Here are some FREE activity sheets I created to match the poem. 1.) A Jelly Bean Prayer Tag to attach to Jelly Beans 2.) A Jelly Bean Mini Book – Student would color and then staple together. 3.) Jelly Bean Prayer fill in the blank with word bank. Click to download Jelly Bean Prayer Activities. Visit our Jelly Bean page for even more Jelly bean resources!  – Click here! Need Spring and Easter Ideas... 

13 Mar

I saw these little Peeps below on Pinterest.  They come from Detailed Oriented Diva and she includes a free printable for you to make them yourself!  Loved the saying… thought this would be a fun Easter treat for my Faith Formation class… Then, I priced peeps.  They aren’t inexpensive and to give a class of 20 some peeps was not affordable.  So, I came up with a less expensive alternative.  Quick and easy and ready to hand out in class on Sunday!  Hershey Cookies and Cream bunnies that come in a pack of six.  You... 

7 Mar

Phew… another Friday of Rainbow fun in Pre-K is done… We made cloud Rainbows like seen below. So light and colorful! We made milk rainbows, like this one! Yes, we finally caught a rainbow.  You can view more details about milk rainbows here.    We put together a rainbow puzzle!  It was good practice for counting from 10 to 17.  You can download and use the puzzle below.  We put ours together and then used a glue stick to put it on the paper. We also sorted and and counted rainbow fruit snacks.  You can click here... 

4 Mar

Hi everyone!  Wanted to share a free Rainbow printable I just made.  It’s a coloring book with the rainbow colors.  Each page should be colored according to color by the students.  Just print, cut, and staple together to form a little color book. Click to download Rainbow Colors Flip Book! Click here to see more FREE Rainbow Resources!  // // Visit our Spring Index – Click here! PRIZES COMING!!! Hey – did you hear… Our Facebook Page hit over 10,000 FANS last week and we plan to celebrate with a few treats... 

23 Feb

Whose feet are sticking out of the mailboxes?  It’s Froggy all ready to go home and play…  Check out the template to make your own here. How about a frog on a log snack…  You can make math fun out of it too.  Give each student 2 logs (graham crackers) and some green M&M’s.  Squirt chocolate icing on the logs and have the students put their frogs on a log.  How many can they get on one log.  If they add both logs up how many altogether?  Now eat!  The kids loved these and they were easy to make. To go... 

7 Feb

Have you seen the water beads above?  That are so neat and non-toxic!  I found them at the dollar store – you can get them on Amazon too!  If you look at the first picture in the square above, you can see how tiny they start out as.  Then you add water and in six hours they are the size you see in the last two pictures.  They feel slippy and squishy.  They are really cool!  I guess the idea is you use them as water in your flower vase (the beads come with a baggie vase which is preety neat)?  I haven’t tried the flowers... 

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