June 24, 2024

Bunny Sensory Fun!!!

Here are two fun sensory themed ideas for a bunny themed unit:  (For More Learning Bunny Fun – See this Unit)

The first is a fun craft.  An O-So Cute Bunny Sensory Bottle!!!

You need a bottle filled with water.  I used the sports bottles that are circular shaped, but you can use any shaped bottle.
I used a sharpie to outline a bunny face  on the bottle.
Students picked a color they wanted.
They picked a glitter as well.  They also put a plastic bunny inside the bottle.
Once all of this is added, the bottle gets closed and the students shake the bottle and watch their bunny appear.
Then provide a few cupcake liners for the students to choose as their bunny hat.
Lastly glue the bunny ears to the hat.  The bunny ears I used are found in this set! 

Bunny Sensory Bottle Craft

Did they turn out sweet, or what?  They all have their own personalities!


Bunny Bottle Sensory Craft

 For more sensory fun with a bunny theme, create a bunny patch for students to explore.Bunny Sensory Table - Sorting

I used the wash bins from the dollar store.  Dyed rice green and added some little things only a bunny would love.  All items were found at the dollar store.  I used a dollar store tray for the sorting tray.

dollar store tray used for sorting activity

The students used the grabbers to pick up the items in the bunny bins and place inside the correct area.  When they had found everything, I checked to make sure they cleaned their bunny patch well.  Some of the students counted up their findings and told me what items they found the most and least of!!!

Bunny Bin for Sorting

Above is a close up of one of the bins!

Stay tuned for more bunny fun learning!!!

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 (For More Learning Bunny Fun – See this Unit)