June 16, 2024

Bunny Learning then In the Tummy!!!

Reposting this from 2009.  Be sure to get your Bunny Mallows for graphing and sorting fun!

We love the Jet-Puffed Mallows by Kraft for Yummies in our Tummies and for learning fun. The ones above are the Spring version. They are shaped like bunnies and come in green, purple, yellow, and pink. Great for fun sorting and graphing; as well as eating! I have found them at Target and my grocery store (Giant Eagle). Sometimes they go quickly; so, I try to grab them when I first see them in early March.

My six year old and three year old love this not only to eat but for learning fun… Well, they just think it is fun and I know they are leaning. I created three activity sheets to use with these Mallows. My daughter can complete the sorting sheet pretty independently and my six year old can do the sorting and graphing sheet pretty independently. There is a third sheet for first to second graders that involves adding up small numbers.

Here is what we do:
First we color the bunnies in on the sorting sheet. Next we sort. After that we count the bunnies & write how many we have of each color. My three year old then eats her bunnies while my six year old does the graphing page.
Here they are sorting!!!

Below you see my son working on counting his bunnies, graphing and then my son’s finished papers.

This is a fun themed snack and your kiddos may pick up some sorting and graphing skills along the way.

Feel free to download the sheet off of Teaching Heart by clicking here!

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Jet Puffed Bunny Mallow, 10 Ounce Boxes (Pack of 2)

Below shows the kids in action working on this activity.