Fall is a beautiful time of year. The weather is just right and if it gets a little to chilly, you can always grab a hot apple cider and warm up a bit. Teaching is a Work of Heart wishes you a fantastic fall. We hope your classroom is filled with pumpkins, apples, and scarecrows. This page should help you find a few idea to make fall fun in your classroom. Enjoy!

faca30.gif Teaching Heart's Fantastic Fall Units

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Teaching Heart's Fall Favorites...


faca8.gif Teaching Heart's Free Printables
faca31.gif Leaf Leaf -
student colors illustrations to
make a book - words are written (k-1)

Free From CD # 2
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faca17.gifHalloween Coputation
3 column addition (2-3) - student math activity (2-3)

Free From CD # 2 (Click Here to Learn More!)

faca32.gifHalloween Word Search -
student activity (2-3)

Free From CD # 2 (Click Here to Learn More!)

Halloween Math
Write a + or - sign 1-10 (K-1)

Free From CD # 2
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Thankful for punctuation -
student puts a period or question mark at the end of the sentences about Thanksgiving. (1-3)

Free From CD # 2 (Click Here to Learn More!)

faca9.gifPage 1-2 Thankful Book - student book (1-3)

Free From CD # 2 (Click Here to Learn More!)

faca31.gifFire safety letter home
- includes a check off list and a homework activity. (k-2)

Free From CD # 2
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faca17.gifDem Bones Graph
- teacher purchases the Brachs Dem Bones Candy and students complete Graphs.

Free From CD # 2 (Click Here to Learn More!)

faca32.gifGummy Bears and Scares
Candy Graphing and Sorting Sheet

Made For You To Say Happy Halloween - 2003

Apple Making Words
- Includes cutouts for making words activity and four activities for the student to complete using the words made. This makes a great independent center activity.
Grades 1-3
Apple Book
- Student colors the apples and writes in the number of apples seen on the page. After the book is complete, the student can read it to a friend.
Grades k-1
faca9.gifApple Math
- Story problems.
Grades 1-2
faca31.gifApple Seed Toss
- Have your students break into teams of 2-3. Give each player five apple seeds. Each player takes a turn tossing their five seeds onto the board. They add up the points for each seed that lands on an apple square. The person with the highest number wins. Play agian!
Grades k-3
faca17.gifLet's Make a Scarecrow
A mini book for you to print. Cut on the lines and staple the pages together to form a book. Have your students color. Have them read their book to a friend and an adult. (k-2)
faca32.gifScarecrow Scare!
Print and Laminate. Cut out each scarecrow box and place in a pocket chart. Cut out each crow and place in a jar next to your chart. The student must place the number of scraecrows scared next to the scarecrow. (k-1)
Following Directions
You can have your students complete this sheet by reading it on their own (1-3) or you may read it to your students and have them follow your verbal instructions.
Color and Write
Student colors the scarecrow picture and then writes a sentence or a paragraph about the picture. (k-3)
faca9.gifThe Old Lady Who Swallowed A BAt Printables


Fall and Halloween Goodies from the blog!

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