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27 Oct
ghost under the sheet

Oh my, it has been since July since my last post.  My life has literally been a roller coaster the last few months…  I got the dream job.  I left a great second grade classroom 13 years ago and here I am back in second grade again.  I was hired 1 day before school started.  Now that I started school successfully with an empty classroom and no lesson plans, I pretty much think I can handle any teacher type of pressure you put on me.  I absolutely adore the school and staff I am working with.  I love, love, love my students!!! ... 

26 Oct
Pipe Cleaner Spiders

It’s that time of year…  when teachers and homeroom moms frantically look for some fun ideas to use on Halloween with their little monsters. Here’s an easy craft.  Beaded Pipe Cleaner Spiders. You need four black pipe cleaners and 24 beads of an any color. For each spider, gather four pipe cleaners in a bunch. Bend the bunch in half and then tightly twist the section near the fold several times to shape a slender spider body. Separate the pipe cleaner ends to create the spider’s legs. Slide a couple of beads... 

9 Oct
Hungry Monsters Adding Game

I love a great party!  There is one coming up in many classrooms around the USA!!!  In honor of Halloween parties everywhere, here are some fun party ideas and classroom learning fun for your next BOO – BASH!!! This post contains pictures of some Halloween party ideas for you or a room mom!! Each student gets a roll, double, cover Halloween board and some spider markers. 1 dice per game. The object of the game is to be the first person to get 4 in a row. Students take turns rolling the dice, doubling their roll, and then covering... 

25 Sep
free fall graphing dice printable

Yesterday I shared a free printable (click here to see)  and guess what???  I am back with yet another free printable!!! My daughter (second grade) is working on graph and chart reading in second grade.  She needs lots of extra practice with any math skill.  Thus I made this fun dice activity.  All you have to do it print pages 3 and 4 of the document.  Print page 3 on cardstock and fold to form the dice.  Students roll the dice ten times.  They tally their results onto a chart and go on to graph their results.  A fun way to review... 

4 Sep

Here is a quick look at what I am currently working on.  It’s a fun Preschool and Kindergarten Pumpkin themed packet that will be in my stores soon!!! IT IS IN STORES NOW… You can get the packet at my Ejunkie Store – Click Here Below are just a few of the goodies that will be found in this packet. Have you seen our Fall Index – click here!  Click here to download the free pumpkin printable!! Have you seen our Fall Index – click here!  You can get the packet at my Ejunkie Store – Click Here  

12 Oct

I am super excited to share some awesome pictures of Halloween dinner ideas.   The first set of pictures below are from a dinner done by my friend Christa.  The second set is a dinner done by my mom.   There are some great ideas here to get you ready to plan your own Halloween dinner! My friend Christa made a Halloween dinner last year that really deserves to be featured on a cooking show.  Seriously, I think this meal could be on the set of Silence of the Lambs; thus, I have to quote the movie often through this post… ... 

2 Nov

Trick-or-Treating finished up around 8 on Monday night.  The kids each had about four choices of candy then and I kindly added candy in their lunch boxes for Tuesday.  When they arrived home on Tuesday from school, the snack of the day was… CANDY!  After dinner, more candy… Today will follow the exact same pattern until this mommy says…  “STOP, that is quite enough”.  I would like my kiddos to keep their healthy bodies and my five year old just had a cavity filled…  Plus mommy and daddy tend to... 

23 Oct

Over on the Teaching Heart Facebook page I asked the fans to tell a name of a children’s book they would like activities to go along with…  We had lots of requests and I picked one (and another I will share soon).  First pick was activities to match BIG PUMPKIN, by Erica Silverman.  The Facebook Fan who requested this was: Raeneda Garcia! Three free printables to match BIG PUMPKIN!!!! Big Pumpkin is a fun Halloween story about a witch’s big pumpkin and the creatures that try to help her pick it. It has a fun, repetitious... 

20 Oct

This is a favorite read for the classroom and at home!!!   You can purchase the book at Amazon.  It is a must have for at home and in the classroom!  I wanted to share a few ideas as well as a NEW free printable for you to use with the story!! BEFORE READING Make pumpkin cutouts and place the following words onto the cutouts; // // afraid, cottage, sliver, Talk about the words. Write them in sentences. DURING READING During the start of the story the little old lady runs into a pair of shoes. What is unusual about these shoes? Would... 

13 Oct

O, I love the dollar store all year long…  but during the Holidays you can find the best stuff for learning.  Here is a simple hands-on counting idea.  Grab a pack of small pumpkin containers and a pack of pumpkin erasers. On the outside of each pumpkin write a number.  The student must count out the number of pumpkin erasers and stick them in the pumpkin.  // // This makes a great math center for PRE-K to K.  Also fun to do at home to practice counting.   You can make the numbers in different formats.  You could also make... 

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