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1 Aug

// // Today’s giveaway is for a the goodies seen in the picture (Dr. Seuss Items and  Teaching Heart MUG!!!!) and a Teaching Heart CDROM with all of the following.  Visit our store to learn more. 5.) ALL OF OUR PACKETS MENTIONED Below: End of The Year Packet , Winter Packet, FALL & HALLOWEEN PACKET, The St. Patrick’s Day Packet, Valentine’s Day Packet, Spring Packet, The Penguin Packet, The Back To School Packet, Snowman and Gingerbread Friends PDF kit, Thanksgiving PDF Email Packet , Spring Fun / Sing For Spring 2008... 

28 Jul

I am continuing this post from yesterday.  Click here to see the titles shared yesterday…   What are some of your favorite books to read to your class…  The teachers of our Facebook page share what they love to read.  Feel free to share something they missed in the comments.  Join us on FAcebook too! Thank you to all the teachers who shared!  I found so many books I did not know about!!!  My amazon cart was filled!  I can’t wait to get them! Ashley Doty- Adios Oscar during our butterfly unit. It’s funny... 

17 Jun
Teaching Heart CDROMS

Here’s the way to make sure you are ready for back to school…  See the set above???  It’s Five CD’s with almost everything sold on Teaching Heart.  You save big when you buy it all together and you get it on five CD’s….  1,000′s of pages for so little!!!  It’s a great deal!!!   Join the 100′s of teachers that have this set!  Don’t be left out! Samantha Morgan Says; “…I cannot thank you enough for the set of activities I purchased from you a few months ago. ... 

17 Jun

I don’t have many addictions…  But there are two I do have.  First is coffee!  Second is Children’s Literature.  You should see the book shelves in our house.  You would think we own a mini library.  I started my collection in college and then collected a large amount my first few years teaching.  Finally, my kiddos came along and blessed my life.  They also gave me a reason to buy, buy, children’s books.  When spring cleaning comes around, I can give away toys, clothing, and household goods.  But my shelves... 

25 May

Well, it has been five days of fun!  13 chances to win!  I wish I could give everyone who entered a prize!  You really deserve it for a year well done!  I hope you find yourself lucky when winners are revealed. Today marks the last day to enter this, this, and this. The other items up for grab will be ending this weekend…  Click here and scroll through all the prizes.  DO NOT MISS the AMAZON $100.00 chance for sure!!! I have one last prize up for grabs…  It’s a Teaching Heart Tote bag filled to the brim with learning... 

3 May

Did you see the post yesterday for the free printable Mom website template?  If not, click here and check that out.  Here is another free Mother’s Day Printable!   First read, I’ll Always Love You! “Alex’s mom says that she will always love him, no matter what. Alex still isn’t sure. He doesn’t want to get into too much trouble for the broken honey bowl! Even if Alex gets into a pillow fight, paints the baby all different colors, or pours oatmeal over his head, his mom says that she will always love... 

2 Apr

Wow, Lent is going quickly.  The last week before Easter is here, Holy Week.  I thought I would take some time to share some of my favorite resources for this time of year.  I know many of you are parents and your kiddos are on Spring Break.  Perhaps something you see here you can use this week to make Holy Week the focus in your home.   First off are Ressurection Eggs.  Do you have these?  You can make your own with dollar store eggs and an empty Egg Carton.  I love these resurrection eggs from JOYfilled Family! The store bought... 

24 Mar

That Old Lady sure is busy and hungry…  What will she eat next?  Well this time of year she is eating up a Spring Feast in There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick. There are many activities in this set to match this book!!! All of the above and so much more can be found here!!!!      I love how you can use the old lady to eat other things like letter sounds!!! We love all the old lady book, from There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bell! to There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat!.   Each “old lady” book... 

17 Mar

Let’s Get Green and Celebrate… Today and Sunday only 20% off your purchase at use coupon code patrick12 at checkout!!! Go now!!! Howdy and Happy St. Patrick’s Day Friends…  Be sure to check out the blog… Over the last few days I have posted many, many, many free printables for you to download and use. Two of my faves of the many posted are: `Three Free Rainy Day Printables: and `Bakery... 

12 Mar

I wonder if what I am about to say is safe to say…  Here goes, “This was my kind of winter!  Hardly any snow.  No school delays or closings. Can every winter be like this one in the wonderful city of Pittsburgh?”  Now watch, we will get bombed with snow in a few days.  LOL! Seriously, Spring weather hit this weekend.  So I am thinking Spring.  Rain, Rainbow, and Umbrellas is the theme of these printables.  The first two printables are dice games. The first one below is a printable dice game that asks the students... 

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