May 18, 2024

Book Teachers Love to Read PART 2

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I am continuing this post from yesterday.  Click here to see the titles shared yesterday…   What are some of your favorite books to read to your class…  The teachers of our Facebook page share what they love to read.  Feel free to share something they missed in the comments.  Join us on FAcebook too!

Thank you to all the teachers who shared!  I found so many books I did not know about!!!  My amazon cart was filled!  I can’t wait to get them!

Ashley Doty- Adios Oscar during our butterfly unit. It’s funny and the kids love it. Also skippyjon jones in mummy trouble during our Egyptian unit.
We have caterpillars growing into butterflies in our classroom and we discuss the difference between a moth and a butterfly and a cocoon vs a chrysalis.

Kayla Brown Hopkins- Zack and his Alligator.  I use those growing creatures and the students measure the length and area for about a week. then take them out of water and measure their shrinking for a week.  Lastly, students graph their data.
(KAYLA – I love this idea – btw)

Debra Lee- Mean Jean the Recess Queen.  We talk about bullying and how we should treat others. My kinders loved this book and would ask for it often.

Beth Harrington Zipp- Hooray for Wodney Wat…it shows that kids that are different are okay.  It makes me laugh every time I read it.

Lu Ann Fuller- Pete the Cat and Llama, Llama Red Pajama little ones love them and so do I.

Shari Jerome- You are Special by Max Lucado Its a story about self confidence in who you are and not worrying what others think. Wooden people go around giving “good” people star stickers and “bad” people dots. Great story for discussion in the end.

Deborah Prochaska Harrison- We read  A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue by Julia Cook, and discuss tattling.  I read it at the beginning of school, and then throughout the year as I notice an increase of tattling in the classroom.

Kelly Beam Brown- My favorite book is The Giving Tree. I use this book when we talk about helping and being kind to others-basically treating people the way you want to be treated!

Laurie DeLia- What about some of the Franklin books?  He’s my favorite turtle ever!  His stories touch on so many childhood experiences.  Franklins Blanket, the Tooth Fairy, being bossy, forgetful, afraid of storms, and on and on.  I am taking about the original stories, not the “and friends” recent stories.  Laurie from CT

Michelle Bates- I love Mr chicken goes to Paris by Leigh Hobbs!!!! It’s so fun to read to the kids and put on fun French voices!!!
Jill Moore Ferguson- Two books that I love and so do the students are: Abiyoyo and Mortimer. I read these the first day to grab their attention and to get them involved in the reading process. These books are interactive with predictable text and chants. We continue to read them again and again throughout the year. I also have Abiyoyo Returns. I tell them we will read that one a little later and maybe they could be thinking what happens and make some predictions. These 2 books have worked for 13 years in gaining the children’s attention and fostering their love of reading on the first day of school.

Melissa Follis Lake- Year after year it’s been Double Trouble in Walla Walla.. The kids love it. We read it several times a school year.

Beth Apostolas Dwyer- At beginning of the year I like to ready “Armadillo Tattle Tale”.

Debbie Sauntman-The Scarecrow and the Spider by Todd Smith is one of my all time favorite books to read to children.  It teaches friendship and how God watches out for us!  It’s a must have book if you ask me!
(Thanks Debbie – I ordered this one…  Looks good for Faith Formation Too)

Lana Moore- Love You Forever is one I have read to my high school and middle school classes.
Carol Bennett- The Hello Goodbye Window, Stripes, Chrysanthemum, First Day Jitters, Dear Mrs LaRue – Letters From Obedience School,

Lacey Ashton- I love skippyjon Jones and any of the pigeon books!! I get so excited when I pull them off of the shelf that the kids do too!!! =)

Judy Munaker Jacobs- I also love Hands Are Not For Hitting- want to make sure the kids know any hands on will not be good

Chris Kiger Harden- hey Little Ant and Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus are 2 of my favorites to read to my class.

Michelle Wiggins-The Day I Swapped My DadFor Two Goldfish by Neil Gaiman…I used to use it to teach my 5th graders about different writing forms, now I use it in my Kindergarten when we talk about family.  We discuss how silly it is to really trade your da…d, but then I have them draw a picture and do kid writing of what they WOULD trade their dad for if they could!!  Hilarious!  Once a student asked if he could trade his sister instead of his dad!!

Pat Marzinske ·Grandfather Twilight is one of my favorite books. It is a delightful book with very few words and beautiful pictures to leave to the children’s imagination.

Tam Curry= · One of my favorite books is Little By Little by Amber Stewart.  I love this book.  It teaches the students to try hard and never give up.  And, to keep practicing.-

Caryl Van Fleet- Press Here by Herve Tullet. Fantastic for Ks in the beginning of the year!

Need some more book for back to school?  Click here for yet another list with ideas!!! 

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