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26 Feb

O, my goodness…  Will Spring ever come?  Ugh, still tons of snow on the gound.  I can’t take it anymore. St. Patty Day is around the corner!  Let’s think Green with some great links to Spring fun! Ready for St. Patrick’s Day??? NEW Free Roll for Shamrocks Games You can print the gameboard here and watch a video of my kiddos playing the game. Like our printables, try one of our CDROM’s... 

28 Mar

I love all the cute bake goods & yummy foods people are making to celebrate Spring. Too bad I am on a diet! I remember as a child when my grandmother was still alive how she use to make us all egg shaped cakes with our names on them. Seems like memories of food are always easy for me to recall. hmmm??? I blogged here, about my friend Krista’s cake. I wanted to share some other cute ideas! First, I have to share my mom’s coconut bunny cake. It is one of my favorites!One cake is the head. The other cake makes the bow... 

26 Mar

I am so lucky to be surrounded by crafty people who share!!! Here is a picture of a cake my girlfriend made for her daughter’s birthday. It is so cute and seems very easy. It is a little scene with Peeps & Jelly Fish. The grass is green colored coconut and their is a lake with jelly fish in it. The path the Peeps are on is made of M&M’s. So colorful and cute!! Thanks Krista for letting me share this! var addthis_pub="patcollgallagher";  

2 Apr

This is my second year teaching third grade in PA.  So, this is my second year of getting third graders ready to take the PSSA’s.  In my state this is the first time that students are exposed to the state tests.  I want it to be a positive experience for them.  I wanted to share some resources that have helped me make state testing time so worthwhile and also fun for my class.    I want their first memories of this time of year to be pleasant.   My goal for review before tests is to trick them into more learning fun… ... 

10 Feb
We Toadally Love School Craft

We had lots of fun creating this craft in second grade!   It’s a great  introduction to our fact and opinion unit that will eventually lead into us writing opinion pieces.  We shared  our opinions of school and created an anchor chart to refer to when we made our good copy of our opinions on school. After that we wrote our opinions on school and created a cute frog to hold the opinions. How cute are these to hang up as a Spring or Valentine’s Day Display? You can make this too.  Follow the link to my TPT store by clicking... 

26 Mar
Same and Different Math Dice Game

  I was in a few of my favorite Kindergarten classrooms this week and we worked on same and different.  As I was teaching an introductory lesson I thought up this little game and thought it may be fun for a review of same or different or could be used for remedial work.   You could print it and laminate it and have it for years to come! Goes along great with Envisions unit 16. 2—3 players Print 1 card per player. Provide six markers per player. Provide one dice per set or trio of players. Players take turns rolling the dice... 

15 Mar
Learning Games

I recently created a gift basket from Teaching Heart to be used in a auction for a fundraiser…  It included games for learning. I thought I would share the games in the baskets and the printables used to make them. Above is a regular Jenga game turned into a fun math game!  Played just like Jenga except after you pull your piece you need to solve the addition problem.  The printables for this game and the cover for the box can be found here!! The game above is a Spring Themed Roll, Double, Plus 1, and Cover game.  You can get... 

5 Aug

I have 1,000′s of dollars in my clipart collection.  I have been buying it online since 2002.  My first ever clipart purchase was a set on CD-ROM for Lisa at Country Clipart…  Many of my older printables have her graphics on them.  Then I started to buy from  Gone Country Graphics.  In fact, she made my custom logo years ago – 2003ish…   Soon I found Digi Scraps and went crazy there… then along came TPT and all the talented clipart creators there.  I have spent way too much money on clipart on TPT.... 

27 Mar
Peeps Bunny Digging for Carrot

I wanted a fun snack to end a bunny theme in Preschool…  So I typed in Bunny Peeps on Pinterest and got a ton of ideas!!! So I saw these on Pinterest… and decided… It looked like too much work for a week where I am suppose to be studying…  But I had a girlfriend who made these and she said it wasn’t bad… However, this looked easier…   No cutting involved… I found the pre-made carrot decorations at Target yesterday and that sealed the deal!!! However, if you want to go the extra mile…... 

25 Mar
Carrot Cake Play Dough Recipe

Whenever I do a theme in Preschool I like to try and create a play dough that goes along with the theme…  If you read my blog regularly you probably already know this – Chocolate Playdough for a farm theme and Oatmeal Play-Doh for The Three Bears and Goldilocks are just two examples.  For a bunny theme, I thought… carrot play dough!!!!! To make this you will need: 1 box of carrot cake mix, 2 cups of flour, 1 1/2 cups of salt, 6 tsp of cream of tartar, 6 tbls oil, 3 cups of water, -Carrot Shreds (Optional) , - Red... 

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