June 18, 2024

Same and Different Dice Game – Free!


I was in a few of my favorite Kindergarten classrooms this week and we worked on same and different.  As I was teaching an introductory lesson I thought up this little game and thought it may be fun for a review of same or different or could be used for remedial work.   You could print it and laminate it and have it for years to come!

Goes along great with Envisions unit 16.

2—3 players

Print 1 card per player. Provide six markers per player. Provide one dice per set or trio of players.

Players take turns rolling the dice and covering up the item that is different in the row they rolled. 1 roll per turn. If they roll a number they have already covered, they pass the dice on.   First person to have all six different pictures on the sheet covered is the winner.


Same and Different Math Dice Game


Same and Different Game – Click Here to Download!

Hope you enjoy it!

We also worked on sorting alike object based on their attributes.  The kids brought up how they did that when they sorted fruit snacks at their Teddy Bear Picnic…  I have a Spring Gummy Sheet that would be a fun sorting sheet.


 You can check some free activities to match the fruit snacks above by clicking here!!!