June 17, 2024

Left, Right, Post Office (center) Dice Game!!!

Excited to play this at my daughter’s school when all the third graders will get to roll the dice and play a game of Left, Right, Center (Post Office)!!!

Left Right Center Valentine's Theme

SET UP: Each die in LRP has a single envelope on three of its sides; the other sides are marked with an L, an R, and a picture of a Post Office Box. You need at least three people to play, but there is no upper limit on number of players. You will need three dice and each player needs three envelope graphics (used as tokens).

Place the large US Mail Box in the middle of the table. Put the dice in the middle of the table and give each player his or her 3 envelope tokens to start. Pick the person who has the Birthday closest to Valentines Day to go first and then play will move clockwise from there.Left Right Post Office Dice Game for Vday Party!

TO PLAY: If you roll an L or an R, pass a token (envelope) to the player sitting to your left or right, respectively. If you roll a mailbox, put a token (envelope) on the mailbox in the middle of the table. If you roll a envelope, keep an envelope token.

On the first turn, each player will roll all three game dice. After this round, a player may only roll all three dice if he or she has three or more tokens /(envelopes).

If a player has one or two tokens (envelopes), he or she only rolls one or two dice, respectively. If a player has no tokens, he or she skips his or her turns until another player’s roll gives him or her a token (envelope) or tokens (envelopes) again. Play continues until only one player has any tokens (envelopes) left — he or she wins the game.

This is going to be a fun VDAY party!!!  You can find this game in the Teaching Heart Valentine’s Day Game Packet!!!

Left Right Center Valentine's Day Party GameClick here to add this game to your classroom party!