May 18, 2024

Winter Roll, Double + 1, and Cover Game!

So many of you loved the free Roll, Double, and Cover game that I made and shared here.  I had a few requests for a Roll, Double +1, and cover game.  I made a winter themed game of both Roll, Double, and Cover – and Roll, Double + 1, and Cover.  You can see an example of both games below.  The files contain a dice you can make or you can use a numbered dice you already have.  Each game has four different cards.  I suggest you let students play in groups of 2-4 players.  Players take turns rolling the dice and either doubling their roll or double + 1 their roll.  Then they cover up a number they roll.  Next player goes.  First player to get four in a row, wins!  Roll, Double + 1, and Cover GameThe best part of these games is that their is hardly any prep.  Print enough for your class to play, laminate, and have for years of fun learning!  This is part of our winter classroom games bundle found here and on cyber Monday sale today! 

Winter and Christmas Classroom Party Games Centers

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