May 18, 2024

I’m Ready for Spring… Bring on the GREEN!

O, my goodness…  Will Spring ever come?  Ugh, still tons of snow on the gound.  I can’t take it anymore.

St. Patty Day is around the corner!  Let’s think Green with some great links to Spring fun!

Ready for St. Patrick’s Day???

NEW Free Roll for Shamrocks Games
You can print the gameboard here and watch a video of my kiddos playing the game.

Like our printables, try one of our CDROM’s at:
Check here for many ideas and themes for Spring/Summer

Be sure to download you free bunny graph at:

NEW EASTER GUMMIES Graph and Sorting
Free Printables!!! I found the Gummies at Sams Club. Start looking!!!

Great ideas and printables in one easy download!

St. Patrick Day Packet

Sing For Spring Packet #2

Spring Packet #1

End of Year Packet (icecream & watermellon)

LOOK WHAT I FOUND: Off of Teaching Heart

Cute Free Printable mini book: Leprechaun Walk

PS.  Dear Snow,
I’m done…  the only snowman I want to see if one made of sand!
Love, Colleen