May 18, 2024

Figure Me Out Math Activity

Getting ready to finish out the year in third grade.  When I start I want to do a few get to know you type of activities that are meaningful.  I was pin-inspired by this activity seen here.   So I started by making printables to create a board I could use for years to come….  I laminated the titles, questions, and numbers.  Since my answers will change over the years, I used sticky notes to display my figures.  Figure Me Out With Free Printables to MatchI thought it would be fun to introduce myself this way.  Then have the kids make up some figures about themselves so I could get to know them as well…  so I created this sheet to start them thinking.

Figure Me Out Printable WorksheetThere answers to the questions go in the circles and then they write their figure in the next block.

After that, they could create a final copy using the mini sticky notes and this sheet I created…

Figure me out to print

I did a quick example.  You can see that the circles would house the number and then they could place the sticky notes over the number and write their figures.  Finally the sheet could include a drawn picture or a photo of the student.

Once the class has completed these, they could be hung and used as a center activity.  The sheet below could be copied front to back.  The student would select four students to figure out and write their answers on the center sheet…Figure me out center sheetAll of these printables are free for you to use.  Click to Download the Figure Me Out Free Printables!

If you are subbing you could throw this in your bag of tricks as you can use part of it as a filler activity as well.

Did you figure me out?

Figure me out!

We displayed our finished products!

Figure Us Out Display - Teaching Heart! Figure Us Out Math Activity