June 18, 2024

Prayer Rock Printable!

Faith Formation is done for the year…  As a farewell treat for my third graders, I gave them this prayer rock and poem. Prayer rock poem free printable

Third Grade Faith Formation is done,
please don’t shed a tear.
Instead, grab this prayer rock and
thank God for your blessing this year.

Yes, this little prayer rock
has a job to do.
Just put it on your pillow
‘till the day is through.

Then turn back the covers
and climb into your bed,
and, whack! this little prayer rock
will bump you in the head.

Then you will recall
as the day is done,
to say your prayers and count your blessings
and thank God for everyone.

In class we learned that God
gave his only Son
because he loves you so,
He wants you to remember to talk to Him, you know.

Thanks for sharing God’s light in class!   And don’t forget to ask yourself often WWJD!   – Mrs. Gallagher

Click here for a printable prayer rock poem!

next up… Bible Camp!  It’s an Everest theme – that should be fun!