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1 Dec
Roll, Double + 1, and Cover Game

So many of you loved the free Roll, Double, and Cover game that I made and shared here.  I had a few requests for a Roll, Double +1, and cover game.  I made a winter themed game of both Roll, Double, and Cover – and Roll, Double + 1, and Cover.  You can see an example of both games below.  The files contain a dice you can make or you can use a numbered dice you already have.  Each game has four different cards.  I suggest you let students play in groups of 2-4 players.  Players take turns rolling the dice and either doubling... 

21 Nov
Gingerbread Cookie Relay Party Game - Homeroom Moms Come See!

Walking around the dollar store a few days ago and trying to come up with a classroom relay for the Holiday Party and I saw these cut-outs of Ginger Cookies and thought a Gingerbread Cookie relay would be fun for a party.  Inexpensive too.  Everything can be found at home or bought at the dollar store. YOU NEED: Two Cookie Sheets Two Spatulas 10 Gingerbread Cut-outs Two plates Tape for a turn around line… Gingerbread Cookie Race (Hall Relay Game) Make two relay lines. START – with the cookie sheet at the end (5 Gingerbread... 

13 Nov
Cookie Crazy Review Game

Here’s a fun game to use with small groups or as a center.  You can use it to review any skill.  Also would be perfect for a fun Holiday party game…  Check it out room moms!!! Set Up: Place Three Plates of Cookies on the finish plate. Mix all playing cards up with the leftover plates of cookies and place face down on the section of the board marked card pile. Place playing pieces on start. To play: First player takes the card off the top of the card pile. If the card has words, the player reads the card and moves playing... 

12 Nov
Winter Snowball Fights!!!

Here’s a fun new game you can use to review math skills that have numbers as answers. Object of the game: Be the first player to cover up your fort with 24 snowballs by finding the answer to the questions on the cards (pages 16, 17, 18). Page 17 and 18 have blank cards that you can add your own skill to if you choose. How to player: each player needs a playing card (page 13 or 14) Each player needs snowball markers (page 15 or use mini marshmallows). Cards (pages 16, 17, 18) are printed, cut and placed face down. Players take turns... 

11 Nov
Teaching Heart Earring Giveaway 2014.

One of my favorite friends always is so generous to Teaching Heart readers!  You all seem to love her stuff…  Rebecca is back again to give one of you a pair of earrings to wear in your classroom around the holidays…  These have to be the cutest things to hang from a set of ears.  Wear them to school, wear them to a party, or just wear them anywhere! Please visit her blog and check out her other goodies on Etsy!    The Christmas Tree earrings she has on Etsy are just as adorable!  Go See! You have until November 25th... 

13 Apr
Rocking Around The Calendar Teaching Heart Tea

What a special treat to be the presenter at the Bower Hill Elementary School Kindergarten Tea in Peters Township, PA!  The Kindergarten Teachers, the Principal, and the PTA really strive to make this event such a fun and resourceful day for local Preschool and Kindergarten teachers. I am so excited to share the wonderful pictures I have from the day!!!   Perhaps it’s an idea your school may want to try! The Peters Township School District has presented the tea for years to local preschool teachers that feed Kindergarten students... 

31 Dec
Happy New Year for TEachingheart!

Just a quick thank you to all of you who stop by to read this blog or have it emailed to you daily!  I have a few New Years wishes for you… Another year of Teaching Heart has come and gone…  to think it has been 16 years of the ups and downs of Teaching Website / Blogging! This year we had five pages on the blog and website that were most viewed!!!  Want to know what they were?? On the blog! inexpensive Do It Yourself Gift Ideas was #1 Summer Sand Recipe was # 2 Roll a Love Bug was # 3 Sight Word Activity # 4 Caterpillar... 

21 Dec
fun with elf on the shelf free printables

I cannot believe it, Christmas is almost here!  We added a new tradition of Elf on the shelf to our home this year.  I was against it the past two years and broke down and decided to do it when my daughter became obsessed with the Elf we have at the school I teach at.  She also added it to the top of her Christmas list… so one day in December he just showed up when she returned from a soccer game he was hanging on the door!  She was beyond thrilled and then I knew it was the right thing to add to the million of other things we... 

11 Dec
Melting snowman cookie

Time is flying…. Christmas will be here in just a few days!!!  I am some what behind…  I finished my shopping yesterday!  I usually have some baking done by now – but I keep putting that off…  I did make an easy snowman cookie today to share with some of my favorite Pre-K students on Friday.  It’s a melting snowman cookie.  It was super easy… mainly because I was lazy and bought the ready made dough in the refrigerated section.  Even better – it only made 24.  Exactly what I needed and... 

1 Dec
roll an advent wreath game for preschool , kindergarten, and first!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I am very Thankful to all my visitors and have decided to throw a Cyber Monday sale to show my thanks…  Details about the sale are below… and below that are some free advent printables!!!  On Monday December 2nd, save 35%  off your total order at my E-Junkie Store!  Use code cyber13 at checkout.  Click here to scroll through the store!  Stock up for the 2014 year!!!  Thanks for your support! Also, if you are a TPT fan, I have a sale on my TPT store as well.  Use code CYBER... 

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