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10 Nov
Winter Party GAmes Please follow the link and save over 50% off our new set!!  The games seen below can be made with this set!!!  

26 Oct
Pipe Cleaner Spiders

It’s that time of year…  when teachers and homeroom moms frantically look for some fun ideas to use on Halloween with their little monsters. Here’s an easy craft.  Beaded Pipe Cleaner Spiders. You need four black pipe cleaners and 24 beads of an any color. For each spider, gather four pipe cleaners in a bunch. Bend the bunch in half and then tightly twist the section near the fold several times to shape a slender spider body. Separate the pipe cleaner ends to create the spider’s legs. Slide a couple of beads... 

9 Oct
Hungry Monsters Adding Game

I love a great party!  There is one coming up in many classrooms around the USA!!!  In honor of Halloween parties everywhere, here are some fun party ideas and classroom learning fun for your next BOO – BASH!!! This post contains pictures of some Halloween party ideas for you or a room mom!! Each student gets a roll, double, cover Halloween board and some spider markers. 1 dice per game. The object of the game is to be the first person to get 4 in a row. Students take turns rolling the dice, doubling their roll, and then covering... 

2 Jan
Easy to set-up Valentine's Day Games

Just added this set to my store.  It has easy to use classroom party games in it!  Just print and you are set!  Here’s some slides of the items… You can get it here on E-junkie or here on TPT! If you hurry it may still be on sale here!  Love this Bingo… Everyone’s Engaged Bingo!  The nice thing about this game is that every picture called will be on the card (just in a different order) – this allows for everyone to cover a picture at every turn but still just one winner.  (Keeps all engaged knowing they... 

25 Sep
free fall graphing dice printable

Yesterday I shared a free printable (click here to see)  and guess what???  I am back with yet another free printable!!! My daughter (second grade) is working on graph and chart reading in second grade.  She needs lots of extra practice with any math skill.  Thus I made this fun dice activity.  All you have to do it print pages 3 and 4 of the document.  Print page 3 on cardstock and fold to form the dice.  Students roll the dice ten times.  They tally their results onto a chart and go on to graph their results.  A fun way to review... 

24 Feb

If you have followed this blog or know me personally; you know I love a good themed party!  I love planning and executing a themed party…  We have done Spiderman, Star Wars, and Lego to name a few…   I spoil my kids with a homemade party on their birthday rather than gifts…  My ultimate goal is that someday when I die they will recall the cool kid parties that were truly a labor of love from their mother…  Ha-ha!!!  But, seriously!!! For my daughter’s 7th birthday party we had 17 of her friends and classmates... 

25 May

Here’s your chance if you have a website or blog… Fill out the form by clicking here, if you are interested in being a sponsor for our 2012 Back to School Party!  Thanks! Party will be July 30th through August 6th. During the party; Your link to your blog or website will appear on All party posts on the blog or on will include a link to your site. Your blog and facebook page will be posted on our facebook page at least once during... 

1 May

I love you!  Yes, you… My readers!  Thanks for being such a great group of thankful parents and teachers.  I love posting free printables and hearing how they have helped you and how well they work in your classroom.  You all are always filling my bucket!  I thank God everyday for giving me Teaching Heart back in 1998 and blessing me with so many online friends.  My how time flies…  never thought Teaching Heart would be going 15 years strong!  It’s because of you!  Thanks and may God bless you in and out of the... 

11 Nov

I love planning a party…  From Legos,  Thomas the Train, Star Wars, Princess, Gingerbread, Back to School, Cars, Spiderman, Christmas Games to School Parties; it’s way too much fun!  I think if I knew I could be a party planner and still love party planning for my family, I would become a party planner.  Sometimes when you call something a job you just don’t want to do it for fun any longer.  So I will stick to doing parties for my family and students.  Classroom parties are fun to plan too!  We just finished... 

11 Sep

Yet another birthday has come and gone in our house… this year we went low key.  My son opted out of a kid party for a larger gift he REALLY wanted…   He is super happy – but mom missed the BIG kid party! There was no Spiderman, Star Wars, or Lego craziness…  Just a little visit from Super Mario. The cake was even easy and I feel a little guilty, but this was the first year in the 9 birthdays my son has had that I did not make the cake.  It was from a local bakery – Bartram and it was deadly good and worth... 

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