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24 Jun

Tired of clip charts, need a new behavior management system for your classroom that is easy to use and set-up? I have never been a big fan of clip charts.  I have tried them in various classrooms and they worked ok, but I always forgot to have students move clips up.  I felt they were more of a pain then a way of encouraging good behavior.  However, I have made them for friends and even sell them in my store.  Some of my best friends use them and love them.  Over the last two years I have been reading all I can on Whole Brain Teaching and my ideas in this system stem from the layout of some... 

20 Jun
Summer Bucket Pail Resources

One of the most popular free downloads is our summer bucket printable that is both a math and creative writing activity…  Plus, it’s a craftivity too.  This year I used it to end the year in third grade.  The third graders loved making the glyph and then writing their bucket lists.  I added an extra page so that they could write about how they would imagine their summer to be.  I created a rough draft form.  I also created a center sheet in case you wanted to post these and have the students use them for an activity!  You can click here for a preview of what is in the set… ... 

17 Jun
Last Day Balloon Pop

It’s been a bit since I have shown up in your inbox, right?  This year has been quite an adjustment for me!  Going back to work full time when you have been your own boss for 10+ years, has proved to be an adjustment.  Something had to give – I guess Teaching Heart gave! Anyhow, I finished the year with a long term subbing position in third grade!  I LOVED having my own classroom again – even if it was short lived.  It was nice to know what I was going into each day!  Plus I loved the group of kids I got to work with.  I know we finished the year strong and they are prepared... 

1 May
Prayer rock poem free printable

Faith Formation is done for the year…  As a farewell treat for my third graders, I gave them this prayer rock and poem.  Third Grade Faith Formation is done, please don’t shed a tear. Instead, grab this prayer rock and thank God for your blessing this year. Yes, this little prayer rock has a job to do. Just put it on your pillow ‘till the day is through. Then turn back the covers and climb into your bed, and, whack! this little prayer rock will bump you in the head. Then you will recall as the day is done, to say your prayers and count your blessings and thank God for everyone. In class... 

23 Apr
Figure Me Out With Free Printables to Match

Getting ready to finish out the year in third grade.  When I start I want to do a few get to know you type of activities that are meaningful.  I was pin-inspired by this activity seen here.   So I started by making printables to create a board I could use for years to come….  I laminated the titles, questions, and numbers.  Since my answers will change over the years, I used sticky notes to display my figures.  I thought it would be fun to introduce myself this way.  Then have the kids make up some figures about themselves so I could get to know them as well…  so I created... 

16 Apr
Kindergarten Rocks Colorful Cat Shirt

Subbing this year brought me all around…  but I think my favorite place to be was in Kindergarten with four great Kindergarten teachers.  I learned lots from being in some of their classrooms and felt very much at home!  Now I am preparing to switch gears and finish out the year in third grade…  Pete the Cat isn’t as popular in third grade as it is in Kindergarten.  So, shaking out some Pete the Cat goodies before I head to third grade.  I made these shirts below to share with my favorite Kindergarten Teachers for them to wear at their Kindergarten Orientation Day.  If... 

14 Apr
Money Resources Centers and Games for Second and Third Grade

Money, money, money…  It’s an important functional skill for your students to learn.  Here are a few resources that I have found beneficial for review. My version of money Kaboom, if found in this math set! My version is a little different than others you see online because I include the money. money cards. You can view directions and all the printables for this game here. This is a great game to set out as a math center!  I’ll be using it in a few weeks! Another money center you may want to check out is our shopping for seeds center! Of course our funny money riddles are... 

26 Mar
Same and Different Math Dice Game

  I was in a few of my favorite Kindergarten classrooms this week and we worked on same and different.  As I was teaching an introductory lesson I thought up this little game and thought it may be fun for a review of same or different or could be used for remedial work.   You could print it and laminate it and have it for years to come! Goes along great with Envisions unit 16. 2—3 players Print 1 card per player. Provide six markers per player. Provide one dice per set or trio of players. Players take turns rolling the dice and covering up the item that is different in the row they... 

21 Mar
Spring Counting and Graphing Worksheet - Free

Yeah, Spring is officially here!  I am tired of the snow and ready for green and sun! Also with Spring comes a chance to throw a little Spring learning  or some review of previously learned skills into your lessons!  Teaching Heart has many free Spring themes with printables and more.  Start by checking out the Spring Topic Index by clicking here!  Here’s  a new Spring resource to review counting and graphing in Kindergarten or First Grade. Click here to download the Spring Count and Graph Sheet! Have you seen our Jelly Bean activity set? Teaching Heart Jelly Bean Math Some fun activities... 

15 Mar
Learning Games

I recently created a gift basket from Teaching Heart to be used in a auction for a fundraiser…  It included games for learning. I thought I would share the games in the baskets and the printables used to make them. Above is a regular Jenga game turned into a fun math game!  Played just like Jenga except after you pull your piece you need to solve the addition problem.  The printables for this game and the cover for the box can be found here!! The game above is a Spring Themed Roll, Double, Plus 1, and Cover game.  You can get this game here! This is a Dinosaur Sight Word Primer Game. ... 

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