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28 Feb
Pittsburgh Apron

My daughter’s grade level studies the city of Pittsburgh.  One of the ways they celebrate their learning is by having a Pittsburgh Day put on by the parents and the teachers.  The eight teachers set-up four stations that the eight classes rotate through.  It’s a great idea!  Lots of artwork displayed around the school. The students rotate through the four stations when they arrive in the AM.  The main center being the pierogi making center.  A classroom is set-up with tables and all supplies to make pierogies. The student work with parents using the recipe below.  The trays... 

24 Feb
St. Patrick's Day Free Bump Dice Game

St. Patrick’s Day is a-coming…  will you have a wee little bit of fun?  I have a few games you may want to try.   I just updated my Patty Day Games Packet with a 30 card bingo and a few other goodies.  To celebrate I thought I would share a free bump activity.  You can see the full packet here and here too! You can download the free bump game – Click here to download the free resource!   You can see the full packet here and here too! Hope this gets you excited about March!  

11 Feb

I created this printable a few years ago and it is downloaded often around this time of year.  Today there were 700 downloads!!!  That must mean many of you can use candy at your parties – you are lucky!!!    All you need is my printable (Click to Download Minute to Win It Sheet!), 8 V-day M&M’s, 5 Candy Heart, 1 Red Vine, and 2 Swedish Fish. I put all the candy each player would need for the game in a baggie with the idea that part of the game would be taking it all out and laying it on the sheet. Can they finish the sheet so it looks like the one below in a minute?  Or does... 

8 Feb
Left Right Post Office Dice Game for Vday Party!

Excited to play this at my daughter’s school when all the third graders will get to roll the dice and play a game of Left, Right, Center (Post Office)!!! SET UP: Each die in LRP has a single envelope on three of its sides; the other sides are marked with an L, an R, and a picture of a Post Office Box. You need at least three people to play, but there is no upper limit on number of players. You will need three dice and each player needs three envelope graphics (used as tokens). Place the large US Mail Box in the middle of the table. Put the dice in the middle of the table and give each player... 

7 Feb
Cupcake Math for Grades 2 and 3

It’s almost Valentine’s Day!  I thought I would share a free printable that would be great to use this week as your morning warm-up in grades two to three or just to print and use as extra practice of math facts at home. But before that…  have you had the 100th day celebration yet?  I was in grade two this week when they were celebrating the 100th day… so I had to think quick for some fun activities to celebrate this fun day of being 100 days smarter… Luckily, I had roll to 100 with me from the Teaching Heart 100th Day packet and the kids loved playing the games... 

1 Feb
Kindergarten Subtraction Ideas Topic * Envisions

My extended time working with the best Kindergarten team is over.  I am sad because it reminded me of the people I use to work with when I was teaching in the Seattle area.  I am sad it is over but happy that the teacher I was in for is better and ready to return. I had so much fun teaching subtraction lessons in Kindergarten the last week and a half using Envision Math Topic 8.  I supplemented and differentiated the lesson with a few fun activities that I thought I would share…   Printables will be free at the end of the post. To teach the vocabulary in the lessons, I created picture... 

21 Jan
VAlentine's Day Themed Cootie Catcher

My daughter loves to make Cootie Catcher / Fortune Tellers.  There are many blank templates online and she enjoys making her own from the blank templates.  We made one this past weekend for her school Valentine’s Day party as a filler.  It has fill in the blank spaces and it can be colored.  Thought I would share the printable and directions.  It could be used at home or at school.  It will be going in my substitute bag in February for a filler if needed.Above you will see the folding direction and below is a picture of what the blank Cootie Catcher looks like… Click Here to... 

20 Jan
Sight Word Learning Activities and Extra Practice

A quote from the Journal of Educational Research: “The most convincing rationale for teaching sight words is that if they are well selected they will, because of their high frequency in printed materials, have high utility at all levels of reading development. Furthermore, they help to make possible a focus on meaning as well as decoding in early reading, and at the same time they can serve as a basis for analytic phonics instruction.” Here’s a free activity sheet for you today. Did you download this CRACK THE CODE???  Here is another way to review!  It is a cut, paste, trace,... 

19 Jan
Valentine's day Party Centers and Activities

Are you thinking about Valentine’s Day?  Are you a teacher or homeroom mom that has to plan the party?  You are in luck —  here are some of my favorite party ideas.  Many could be used as Valentine’s Day centers as well!  Have fun! The best classroom bingo around.  I love this because it will mean - Everyone’s Engaged Bingo!  The nice thing about this game is that every picture called will be on the card (just in a different order) – this allows for everyone to cover a picture at every turn but still just one winner.  (Keeps all engaged knowing they must find the... 

11 Jan
Yoga Balls In The Classroom

One of the perks of subbing is seeing so many ideas (some good and some not so good) from many teachers in many grades.  I was in a classroom a few weeks ago and the teacher used the Yoga balls for her teacher led reading groups and for her computer chairs.  I have used the squish disks when I taught special education to keep squirmy kiddos in their seats and it worked… so why can’t we use them in the regular education classroom. This deal on Amazon for today was posted and I had to share…  50% off the balls and disks for today.  Here is the link! Yoga Balls Deal on Amazon Here... 

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