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12 Jan
hotchocolate anchor chart

Snow Day… so I finally had time to upload my hot chocolate themed packet for second grade to TPT.  My class had so much fun with this little craftivity that focuses on adjectives and sequencing while writing.  I know your class will have a blast too.  I share all you need to know to make hot chocolate in your class and throw in a bunch of learning to go with the fun of enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.  I even share with you a simple way to make hot chocolate – you won’t believe how easy it is!!! You can see a preview and much more by clicking here!   

31 Dec

Looking forward to seeing my second graders on Monday.  I know they will all want to tell me about their winter break…  I want to make sure I get to hear all about it from each and every student.  I decided that for AM work on Monday they will come in and get started on this tell all sheet about their winter break.  Then, I will pick a few to share from each category.  Seems like a great way to start off the New Year in second grade. After that we will review class rules and get started on a great 2016 in second grade! This sheet is free to download if you would like to use it in your... 

20 Dec

YES… Christmas Break is here…  Time to recharge that teacher battery so 2016 can be as great as 2015. With the help of my teammates at my school we celebrated Grinch Day on Thursday.  It was so much fun!!!  We did it the day before the Christmas party craziness and it was nice to have a day of fun… because on Friday I knew I had to give three assessments before the party and fun had to be had today. You can see my schedule of events…  Everything I did I got from online or made myself. For am work they worked through math addition and subtraction problems.  I added... 

25 Nov

Just a hodge podge of what Thanksgiving fun we had in my second grade class!  Through our Benchmark Literacy program we discuss how good readers visualize while they read.  Authors write in hopes that their readers will read their words and create a picture in their head.  My students visualized about their Thanksgiving Day and wrote down their descriptions of what they would see, feel, hear, smell, and touch.  Then they added pictures of what they visualized to the openings on their homes.  They turned out so cute! We decorated turkey masks from Oriental Trading. ... 

14 Nov

My second grade class is in the middle of an addition unit.  We have learned lots of strategies to solve two-digit addition problems.  I wanted to do a “fun” activity during our math lesson when we learned the standard algorithm for solving addition problems.   As a result, I came up with this craft that goes along with the poem we learned in class…  Less than nine everything is five.  Ten or more, move the tens next store.  Here is the final product.Check – got a Thanksgiving craft covered that goes along with what my second graders are learning in math! I hope... 

27 Oct
ghost under the sheet

Oh my, it has been since July since my last post.  My life has literally been a roller coaster the last few months…  I got the dream job.  I left a great second grade classroom 13 years ago and here I am back in second grade again.  I was hired 1 day before school started.  Now that I started school successfully with an empty classroom and no lesson plans, I pretty much think I can handle any teacher type of pressure you put on me.  I absolutely adore the school and staff I am working with.  I love, love, love my students!!!  Thank Goodness because to make a long story short… ... 

30 Jul

I have a free dice game to share with you that is part of this packet!  Print it for the first few days of school and make life easy for you!!! Which can be found here at E_junkie and on TPT !! Thank you for your support! I have a free dice game to share with you that is part of this packet – you can find this at the bottom of the post!!! This set includes: TWO HANDS ON GAMES FOR BACK TO SCHOOL—I created these so that they are easy to play and set-up. Great for the first week of school!  2 Dice games and 1 puzzle game for the First Day of School. These games are great icebreaker games. ... 

28 Jul
BAck to School HUGE Set 10 off

Who is getting ready to head back?  I have a free printable activity sheet to share with you that is from this packet… Look at all the items to make Back To School Easy in 1-3 grade!  Teachers give yourself a break and get this now…  Click here to order on EJunkie and here on TPT! You will have all of the above and this below… And you will have this graphing sheet below!  It’s free for you to check out! Here is a fun and free activity for back to school or really anytime of the year when you need to throw in some tally mark and graph making/reading practice!  Have your students... 

24 Jun

Tired of clip charts, need a new behavior management system for your classroom that is easy to use and set-up? I have never been a big fan of clip charts.  I have tried them in various classrooms and they worked ok, but I always forgot to have students move clips up.  I felt they were more of a pain then a way of encouraging good behavior.  However, I have made them for friends and even sell them in my store.  Some of my best friends use them and love them.  Over the last two years I have been reading all I can on Whole Brain Teaching and my ideas in this system stem from the layout of some... 

20 Jun
Summer Bucket Pail Resources

One of the most popular free downloads is our summer bucket printable that is both a math and creative writing activity…  Plus, it’s a craftivity too.  This year I used it to end the year in third grade.  The third graders loved making the glyph and then writing their bucket lists.  I added an extra page so that they could write about how they would imagine their summer to be.  I created a rough draft form.  I also created a center sheet in case you wanted to post these and have the students use them for an activity!  You can click here for a preview of what is in the set… ... 

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