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2 Apr

Add a little spring fun to your lessons this week!!!  You can click here to purchase on TPT for only $3.50 - Print and be set for a spring review of nouns, verbs, and adjectives!!! I created this activity to encourage my second grade students to demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking by guiding them in the creation of SPRING themed cinquains. A cinquain is a five-line poem that describes a person, place, or thing. In this activity your students will use nouns, verbs, and adjectives to create spring cinquians for display! Perfect grammar... 

6 Mar

What a fun creative writing experience for your students during the early days of March.  My second graders loved catching a leprechaun in their jars and writing a creative story about their imagined experience! You can get the printables to create these with your class too…   CLICK HERE This craft comes with six different leprechauns to choose from so each craft will look different. It includes a thinking sheet for your students to prewrite ideas on. It also includes a rough draft form as well as a good copy form. There are also three different jars to choose from. I laminated the jars... 

5 Mar

I took down the snowflakes and snowmen this week because this second grade teacher is done with winter!!!  Our math garden in the back of the classroom is so refreshing!!!  You can have one too!  You can download the printables to this craft on TPT by clicking here! How does our garden measure up craftivity -I had my second grade students complete this as a math center.   I can imagine it would work well in first and third grade as well.   You can see how I set up the center in the packet. Once the students have the craft put together they measure their two flowers (everyone’s flower... 

13 Feb
Love Critter

Here is an easy way to create a type of mailbox for students to use on Valentine’s Day. Have each student design a LOVE CRITTER baggie!!!   All you need to supply is a gift bag and the printables in this set. I set it up as a rotation during the week of Valentine’s Day. I use it as a center during literacy center rotations (There is writing involved!). You can see the printables for this fun project in my TPT store…  Click here to learn more about this Critter!!! Basically print the patterns. The only pattern I printed on different colored paper, was the body. The rest of the patterns,... 

10 Feb
We Toadally Love School Craft

We had lots of fun creating this craft in second grade!   It’s a great  introduction to our fact and opinion unit that will eventually lead into us writing opinion pieces.  We shared  our opinions of school and created an anchor chart to refer to when we made our good copy of our opinions on school. After that we wrote our opinions on school and created a cute frog to hold the opinions. How cute are these to hang up as a Spring or Valentine’s Day Display? You can make this too.  Follow the link to my TPT store by clicking here and getting your own set!  You will have a “Toadally”... 

1 Feb

Our Valentine packet is sure to make your Valentine’s Day party so much fun!!! You can get it here on E-junkie or here on TPT! If you hurry it may still be on sale here!  Love this Bingo… Everyone’s Engaged Bingo!  The nice thing about this game is that every picture called will be on the card (just in a different order) – this allows for everyone to cover a picture at every turn but still just one winner.  (Keeps all engaged knowing they must find the picture on every turn and is not frustrating like regular Bingo.) First person to get four in a row or diagonal, wins!  Perfect... 

23 Jan

Serving up some Muffin Tin Math in second grade this week (great thing about this game – it can work for any grade).  Have you used the muffin tin for math fun in your class?  I love that I can change the center to match the math we are working on in class.  I used it for the first time this week in my second grade class and the students had a blast.  I love when they have fun learning and don’t even realize they are practicing previously taught skills.  I definitely will be pulling the muffin tins out regularly during math center time. Here is how we played in my class.  The... 

12 Jan
hotchocolate anchor chart

Snow Day… so I finally had time to upload my hot chocolate themed packet for second grade to TPT.  My class had so much fun with this little craftivity that focuses on adjectives and sequencing while writing.  I know your class will have a blast too.  I share all you need to know to make hot chocolate in your class and throw in a bunch of learning to go with the fun of enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.  I even share with you a simple way to make hot chocolate – you won’t believe how easy it is!!! You can see a preview and much more by clicking here!   

31 Dec

Looking forward to seeing my second graders on Monday.  I know they will all want to tell me about their winter break…  I want to make sure I get to hear all about it from each and every student.  I decided that for AM work on Monday they will come in and get started on this tell all sheet about their winter break.  Then, I will pick a few to share from each category.  Seems like a great way to start off the New Year in second grade. After that we will review class rules and get started on a great 2016 in second grade! This sheet is free to download if you would like to use it in your... 

20 Dec

YES… Christmas Break is here…  Time to recharge that teacher battery so 2016 can be as great as 2015. With the help of my teammates at my school we celebrated Grinch Day on Thursday.  It was so much fun!!!  We did it the day before the Christmas party craziness and it was nice to have a day of fun… because on Friday I knew I had to give three assessments before the party and fun had to be had today. You can see my schedule of events…  Everything I did I got from online or made myself. For am work they worked through math addition and subtraction problems.  I added... 

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