July 23, 2024

Measurement – Once Upon a Time

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fairy tale measurement mystery

One of the skills I work on often in third grade is measurement.  We start right off reviewing measurement to the inch and half inch.  Once we have gone over fractions on a number line (about mid year), I start going over measuring to the quarter inches.  One of the skills my students are tested on for state testing (PSSA) is measuring to the quarter inch.  I am always creating activities I can use to review this skill once I teach it.  I recently uploaded a new product to TPT which is a great way to ensure your students understand this skill.  It’s a fun fairy tale themed measurement center that my students love.

In my classroom I like to use the ruler they are tested with on state tests and I was finding that the lines drawn on these worksheets were not matching the rulers in my classroom.  I created this center sheet so I could draw the exact lines that matched my rulers while working on the exact skill I needed.  Thus, when you print pages 3 and 4 you will see that the lines need to be drawn in by you.  That is what makes this the perfect tool!!!  This will allow you to draw the exact lines you want your students to measure.

I draw the lines (on pages 3 and 4) in to match the exact lengths I want to review.  I print five of each of the pages (3 and 4) and glue them to cardstock.  I draw the same length lines on each of the pages so I have five sets of the same sheets.  I laminate and now have them for years to come.  When I start quarter inches mid year, I redo this drawing lines at the quarter inch mark.  They become a great math center that I use year after year.  Perfect way to easily check understanding of the skill.

Page 5 is the recording sheet for this center.  Students measure the line by the fairy tale character and then write the length of the line next to the character.  Page 6 has two characters on it that you can use as your mystery character.  I add the length of the mystery character on the recording sheet (there is a space for you to write in the length that it is) and the students circle the character when they think they know who it is based on my clue.  After all have turned in their sheet for me to quickly check, I display the mystery character and students are excited to see they have found the correct
character.  If they have not found the correct character, chances are they need to work on this skill with the teacher.

I love how I can easily check this once I create an answer key based on the lines I drew.  I quickly know what students I need to pull to work on the skill.  I can even use the center as a reteaching tool and sit with my students to see what mistakes they are making when they measure.  This activity has really made measurement an easy skill to track in my classroom

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