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22 Oct


Long time no post…  I know.  Teaching the “big kids” now… well third grade seems big from my second graders!  I have been knee deep in learning yet another curriculum and another building.

I have been busy….

Our team just finished a two week novel study of Frindle .  I created a packet to use during the week and it went over very well with my students and many of my team used some of the resources found in the set.  I tried to create the activities so that my students would need to go back into the text to find the answers to the questions.  Also, I created two craft type activities to use with the book.

You can find the packet here… 

Below are some pictures of some of the packets resources… fridle-text-evidence-resource2 fridle-text-evidence-resource3I love how the Frindle Pens turned out!!!