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5 Jun

I just created a sight word cover up with a Strawberry theme.  We used this one with real strawberries to cover the words.  Say a word and the students cover it up.  Lots of yummy learning going on… Click here to print the PDF! Have you see all the files in our mini packet for only 4??? You can click here to see more Strawberry ideas!    

29 May

Thank you to all who took part in the End of the Year Party.  From the sponsors (Krissy, Mor, Hadar, Jennifer, and Emma) and to my two girls (Beth and Rebecca) who shared some fun prizes!  The party is over and it’s time to hand out the prizes. First, if you would like to take part as a Sponsor at our Back to School Party at the end of July, please fill out this form by clicking here.  If you have an Etsy shop with an item you would like to giveaway at our party, please fill out this form by clicking here.  If you have a Children’s... 

3 May

Did you see the post yesterday for the free printable Mom website template?  If not, click here and check that out.  Here is another free Mother’s Day Printable!   First read, I’ll Always Love You! “Alex’s mom says that she will always love him, no matter what. Alex still isn’t sure. He doesn’t want to get into too much trouble for the broken honey bowl! Even if Alex gets into a pillow fight, paints the baby all different colors, or pours oatmeal over his head, his mom says that she will always love... 

9 Apr

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a blessed Easter.  I also hope you are off today enjoying the day!  Did you see the free K sight word printable on the blog??? In case you want to fill a shopping cart today & get some great resources for the rest of the year from TEACHING HEART… I am offering 20% off your order at TODAY 4/9 & TUESDAY 4/10 ONLY!!! Use code springfling at checkout. So get shopping, then printing and cutting!!!... 

27 Mar

A few weeks back I shared pictures of the Sight Word Candy Land Game I made for my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher here.  I couldn’t resist making another when the boards were on sale at ToysRus last week for 5.99.  Below is the Beginning Sounds Edition I made for my favorite Pre-K Teacher…  Below that are downloads for the free printables to make your own Beginning Ssounds Candy Land.  Played just like Candy Land except when the child draws the card they must either name the beginning sound of the picture, tell a word... 

31 Dec

I hope Santa was good to you.  Did you get any favorite treats in your household?  I thought I would share our hits in case you are looking for a quick gift.  Hit with Mommy… I got a Kindle Fire from my Mom and Dad.  Actually we got one, but I don’t think my hubby has touched it yet.   It’s awesome because I already have Amazon Prime and with that and the Kindle I have 100′s of free goodies to use.  It really is an inexpensive version of the IPad!  I love it.  I have been playing Word With Friends and I have... 

18 Nov

Here’s a fun game you can use to practice any skill.  Math problems, letter sounds, sight words, vocabulary words…  Just write the skill you want the kiddos to practice on the blank Turkey signs.  Below are some with multiplication, vocabulary words, and story problems. The one we are playing IN THE Other PICTURES is using Kindergarten sight words.  SET UP:  Print the cards and write the skill on the blank cards.  Mix up the cards and place face down.  Give each player a playing card and a crayon. TO PLAY:  Students... 

11 Oct

Daubing for apples has been downloaded by over 7,000 people since I posted it less than a month ago.  Glad it is is being used!  Here is another similar sheet.   This is two Pumpkin cover-ups.  You can use a Bingo Dauber or you can cover it up with a pumpkin marker (dollar store Halloween erasers).  The first set is for K sight words and numbers.  The second set is for ‘op’ and ‘an’ family words.  Say a word or number and the students finds it one their card to cover it up!  So much fun reviewing!  Great... 

28 Jul

var addthis_pub="patcollgallagher";Hey…  here’s yet another prize for the day…   Ok, two more prizes!!!  These treats are a favorite learning tool of mine.  They are great for the classroom (recess game, center time, resource room) and great for extra practice and review at home.  Here’s a great way to drill and practice without the kiddos getting bored.   All you need are some HOT DOTS.   If you want to work on addition facts grab a pack of Educational Insights Hot Dots... 

5 Apr

This is an old post; but, it is FILLED with Plastc Egg Learning that you cannot misss!!! Plastic Easter eggs are fun to fill, hide and hunt, but the teacher in me always sees learning possibilities in every fun toy or product I come across. My Three Year Old is still working on her shapes. I draw common shapes like circles, squares, triangles, hearts, diamonds & stars on the eggs with a sharpie. I hide the eggs and then she shows me what she has found. She tells me what shape is on the egg. For a challenge, use a variety of colored... 

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