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2 Sep

Teaching Heart has a new packet you will want to check out if you teach Preschool, Kindergarten, or First Grade!!!!   It’s called, Falling for Scarecrows!   Math and Literacy activities to make fall fun learning in your classroom.    You can click here to learn more about the packet!    

20 Oct

This is a favorite read for the classroom and at home!!!   You can purchase the book at Amazon.  It is a must have for at home and in the classroom!  I wanted to share a few ideas as well as a NEW free printable for you to use with the story!! BEFORE READING Make pumpkin cutouts and place the following words onto the cutouts; // // afraid, cottage, sliver, Talk about the words. Write them in sentences. DURING READING During the start of the story the little old lady runs into a pair of shoes. What is unusual about these shoes? Would... 

13 Oct

O, I love the dollar store all year long…  but during the Holidays you can find the best stuff for learning.  Here is a simple hands-on counting idea.  Grab a pack of small pumpkin containers and a pack of pumpkin erasers. On the outside of each pumpkin write a number.  The student must count out the number of pumpkin erasers and stick them in the pumpkin.  // // This makes a great math center for PRE-K to K.  Also fun to do at home to practice counting.   You can make the numbers in different formats.  You could also make... 

12 Oct

Today I am a guest blogger at The Organized Classroom Blog.  Actually for the next few months look for me there on the 12th of every month.   If you haven’t spent some time exploring The Organized Classroom Blog, you really must.  Charity, the owner, has done an awesome job on this blog and the Facebook page  is always streaming with hot education talk & awesome posts from Charity.  In fact, if you ask a question on the facebook page, Charity works her magic to get her fans to help answer it.  She is creating a wonderful... 

11 Oct

Daubing for apples has been downloaded by over 7,000 people since I posted it less than a month ago.  Glad it is is being used!  Here is another similar sheet.   This is two Pumpkin cover-ups.  You can use a Bingo Dauber or you can cover it up with a pumpkin marker (dollar store Halloween erasers).  The first set is for K sight words and numbers.  The second set is for ‘op’ and ‘an’ family words.  Say a word or number and the students finds it one their card to cover it up!  So much fun reviewing!  Great... 

10 Oct

Pumpkins, Scarecrows, Spiders, and More – O MY!!!!   I just posted on the Teaching Heart Mailring the following and thought I would share here so you don’t miss any of the goodies on the Teaching Heart Website or the BLOG!!! Hello to my favorite teachers!!!  The ones with a TEACHING HEART!  Thanks for being part of our newsletter.  I have been busy updating most of the fall and Halloween pages.  Lots of new free printables; as well as some awesome links and ideas.  BELOW is a quick recap of some of the new goodies.  But... 

6 Oct

One of my favorite classroom activities this time of the year is making Pumpkin Pie in a cup.  Students get a kick out of “cooking” in their classroom.   You will be surprised how many kiddos never tried pumpkin pie.  Many that have may not like it, but most kiddos like this recipe.  I always make all the kiddos make the recipe and at least try it.  If they do not like it, that is okay.  You will need per chef.  1 Pudding cup, 2 Tbls of Pumpkin Puree, crushed graham crackers or Teddy Grahams for dipping, spoon, cup large... 

21 Sep

Did you hear me scream in Target today when I saw these little Halloween shaped macaroni and cheese noodles from Kraft???  Adorable right?  Good enough to eat, but even better for some math fun!!!! You can sort them and you can graph them!  Talk about what you have more of and what you have the least of…  You can add them up and subtract them!!!  You can see how many are in a box.  The ideas are endless!!!   Click here to download the free sheet I created to use with this activity!!! Love playing with food and learning... 

19 Sep

Here are two activities for grades K-2. The first is a SPIN THE WORD Halloween Game.  Students take turns spinning the spinner.  First person to spell Halloween wins. Here is a Spider Web tally mark math center.  You can place all the pieces in a zip loc baggie or the students can do the activity at their seat.  You could also make this a pocket chart center.  There is a center sheet for the students to complete after they finish the center. These activities are just two of the activities found on the Teaching Heart Fall/Halloween... 

16 Sep

Love me some Bingo Daubers…  Here’s another activity that fits with a fall apple theme.  All you need is the activity sheet and a bingo dauber.  I programed this activity sheet with things my daughter needed to review.  I would call out an item on the chart and she would have to find it and daub it!  Of course she loved this and didn’t even realize she was reviewing some pre-k skills.  You can download the sheet I used with her here in PDF. In the classroom, you could use this sheet to review anything you are working... 

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