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20 Sep
Free Leaf Printables - Game and Leaf Data Sheet

Leaves are falling all around!  So of course I have two free leafy printables for you from the preschool kindergarten fall bundle or leaf packet!!!  The free printables include a Roll 2 dice and cover-up.  Also includes a leaf report where the student find a leaf, glues it to the sheet and colors in the sheet to answer the questions.  Pennies are used to measure the leaf!  You can purchase the bundle at EJUNKIE or TPT for a great price!!!  Save big on all of these great resources by buying them at the same time!!! Click to download... 

18 Sep
Leaf Packet for Preschool and Kindergarten

Leaves are falling, yes they are!  Mums are around, yes they are!  I have Pumpkin Spice coffee in my cup, yes I do!  I love FALL!!!  I love the colors, smell, and feel of fall…  Plus I love teaching with fall themes.  I started this fall leaf packet this summer and finally had time to get it printed and put together to use in October.  I think it turned out so cute!  Below are pictures of some of the goodies found in the set.  You can get the set at ejunkie (CLICK HERE)  or TPT (Click Here).  Before you buy you may want... 

13 Sep
Apple Life Cycle Preschool Packet

  I had lots of fun making this apple life cycle packet for the preschool and Kindergarten classroom.  I will be using it with this pumpkin packet and scarecrow packet with my Pre-k Discovery kids in October.  Below are pictures of the goodies found in this new packet which you can get here at ejunkie or here at TPT.  I also combined both of my apple packets into a bundle so you can get both together at one low price.  You can get that here at ejunkie or here at TPT. After the pictures there is a free printable color the sounds... 

4 Sep

Here is a quick look at what I am currently working on.  It’s a fun Preschool and Kindergarten Pumpkin themed packet that will be in my stores soon!!! IT IS IN STORES NOW… You can get the packet at my Ejunkie Store – Click Here Below are just a few of the goodies that will be found in this packet. Have you seen our Fall Index – click here!  Click here to download the free pumpkin printable!! Have you seen our Fall Index – click here!  You can get the packet at my Ejunkie Store – Click Here  

20 Oct

Three Fridays of Scarecrow fun down and 1 to go!   Scarecrows are fun to learn about – but so are crows!!!!   Don’t forget to have some fun with the crows. We started off with two of my favorite crow books… The Adventures of Top Hat Crow - Such a cute story about a crow who just wants to do what he wants. The illustrations are adorable and the story goes perfectly with a Scarecrow Unit. It is written by a former teacher and as a result the text tells a story as well as teaches a lesson. I am always looking for books... 

11 Oct

Boy that old lady eats the strangest things! We read the Little Old Lady who Swallowed some Leaves as part of a scarecrow unit!   Kids love the story! I used the pattern found in this packet to make little old lady puppets for all my students.  All I did was print the pattern and glue the body to a small white bag (purchased from Michael’s).  I stapled the head to the top of the bag.  When the students drop an item into the old lady’s mouth, it falls into the bag.  So fun! I used the printout of the shirt, pants, and... 

9 Oct

Scarecrow Tune: I’m A Little Teapot I’m a little scarecrow Stuffed with hay, Standing watch in my field all day. When I see a crow I like to shout: “Hey, Mr. Crow, you’d better get out!” Grab a Popsicle stick and a paper plate.  Then get a few items to use as a hat, nose, and hay!   Put it altogether and you have a Scarecrow Paper Plate Puppet!   I put together the hair, cheeks, nose, and eyes for the Pre-K class.   They will cut the hat, color the flower,  color the eyes, add the mouth…  When... 

27 Sep

We have been having lots of fun with Scarecrows lately.  Here’s some more fun for you witha  free printable dice game. Just made this roll a scarecrow game for you to download for free.  Just print out and use.  I would cut out the pieces for each player and laminate them so you can use the game for years to come.  I suggest children play in groups of two.   Before allowing the children to play with partners, I plan to teach this to pre-k whole class by first using a large dice.  As a class I will pick a student to roll the... 

25 Sep

I am gearing up for a month of fun with Scarecrows in Pre-k!   You have seen the Teaching Heart Scarecrow page right?  Keep checking it out as I add more goodies as I complete the unit with a group of Pre-K students.   Today I wanted to share a free printable (2) scarecrow play-doh mats.  Similar to the ones found in our apple packet (click here) ! The one below is cute, don’t ya think?  Students can make an S by rolling the dough to form an S.  They can give their scarecrow a hat or hair.  They can also roll little balls... 

3 Sep

In October, I will be teaching a PreK Thematic Scarecrows Unit!   I had lots of fun creating printables to use with the unit.  I have 8 pages of free printables to share today!!!   They are printables you can use with different versions of the Five Scarecrows Poems….   If you like them, you will love my Falling for Scarecrows Theme Packet found by clicking here!!!  The first free printable in the set is a little counting book.  Student traces the numbers in the story!  You will also find props to make the five little... 

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