August 14, 2022

Enchanted Reindeer Treats and New Book (giveaway)


How many days till Christmas?  Well, seven more Saturdays till the big day and 48 days…  It’s sneaking up on us!  Let’s get into the Christmas spirit a little early this year with a fun giveaway that I know you all will want for a special child in your life or just to share with a classroom of special children!  I am so excited to share this gift set with you all!  When I first heard about the set, I thought, what an awesome idea!  Take Reindeer food (Enchanted Reindeer Treats) and a children’s book (Will Santa Come Tonight?) and combine them together as a package set!  As with all good ideas, why didn’t I think of that?  I first heard about the set from my girlfriend who teaches preschool and she loved it and encouraged me to take a look…  best part, my son’s favorite second grade teacher (one of the best teachers he has had in his 7+ years with teachers)  was the author of the book!!! I got in contact with her right away and she kindly agreed to give me a set to giveaway to one lucky Teaching Heart Peep!!!  I was in love when I opened up my copy of the gift set…  My girlfriend told me that she will be giving this set to her girls but it will come from their Elf on the Shelf, on Christmas Eve  (LOVE THAT IDEA – Don’t you?)
Click here to order on Amazon and send it to your favorite child.

Below is my review and more details of how you can win this set!

The Enchanted Reindeer Treats Gift Set is the perfect gift to give to your favorite child on or before Christmas Eve.  This set includes everything you need to start a wonderful and easy to implement Christmas tradition with your family.  The gift box is beautiful and you can hardly wait to open it up and enjoy the contents inside when you first see it!  wpid-PhotoGrid_1383748365967.jpg

Open the box, and you will  find two sides to the set.  One side houses the Enchanted Reindeer Treats and the other side houses the beautiful written and illustrated book called, Will Santa Come Tonight.


The Enchanted Reindeer Treats are packaged in a beautiful shimmering gold colored drawstring bag on the left side of the box. They look magical when you open the box and as you will find out, they truly are magical to a child.   There is a place to personalize the set on this side of the box.  A little tag has a place for the gift giver to write; to, from, and the year.    The Enchanted Reindeer Treat is suggested for ages 4 and up.  However, I would let younger kids sprinkle it with parent participation.  The Enchanted Reindeer food is not for human or pet consumption.  It is non-toxic and eco-friendly.  It’s made in the USA!!!   Imagine the fun your favorite child will have sprinkling the treats on your yard or window on Christmas Eve.  Santa has his cookies and now his Reindeer have some Magic Treats that will guide them to your home on Christmas Eve.

Will santa Come Tonight By Joan Dinan

The right side of this gift boxe houses the Children’s book;   Will Santa Come Tonight?
The book is written by Joan Dinan and illustrated by Mai S. Kemble.  Joan, wrote the book to  share a family tradition that came about from her teaching second grade for twenty years! Joan states that,  “As Christmas approached, no matter how good a child was, every second grader was always concerned that they had been “good enough” for Santa to come.   So each year, I would have them write letters to Santa sharing all the ways that they had tried to be good.  After we mailed the letters, the children were directed to sprinkle Enchanted Reindeer Treats on their lawn right before they went to bed on Christmas Eve, because everyone knows that the “glow of the crystals in the moonlight and the aroma of the oats” will guide Santa’s reindeer directly to your home.  Voila!  In all my years of doing this, it has NEVER failed!”

My very own son was privileged to take part in the Santa letter writing experience that Joan speaks of since he was lucky enough to be on of her students the year she retired  (you can click here to see the video that was born of this idea.  Great idea for teachers to do for their students).  I will say the letter, along with her sharing the Enchanted Reindeer Treats, truly did work in our family!

Magic Reindeer Treats, Will Santa Come?

The book is wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated.  Perfect Read Aloud for Preschool aged children all the way up to any true believers.   The book starts out with a little girl and her mother stringing popcorn to hang on the tree.  The little girl ask her mother if Santa will come tonight.  The mother explains that he will come because she has been a good helper.  The book continues with the girl asking the same question more and more enthusiastically.  The mother answers each time and states a new reason Santa will come.  The fun and happy illustrations compliment the text with many examples of holiday happenings and positive behavior.   Perhaps, your very own children will get a few ideas of the good deeds they do that will encourage Santa to come to your house this year.  I love that this story highlights the positive behavior in children.  As the story ends the mother explains the magic of the Enchanted Reindeer Treats.


The illustrations show the family out sprinkling the treats for Santa’s Reindeer.  Finally, when all is quiet you see a beautiful picture of Santa and the Reindeer in front of the child’s home.  I guess the magic of the Enchanted Reindeer Treats did their trick for this little girl!  They can do the trick for your favorite kiddo too…


The very last page of the book gives step by step instructions on how to use your Enchanted Reindeer Treats!

The gift set is a must have Christmas Tradition in my mind!  I love the easiness of the tradition and the extra touch of magic it will bring to a special child’s heart!  My seven and eleven year old enjoyed the story very much!  What a wonderful gift for your nieces, nephews, grandkids, godchildren, or any special child in your life.   Make a child’s Christmas Eve this year and purchase the set!  Their parents will thank you and so will Santa since it will make his landing on your yard a breeze this year.

If you are a teacher, this is a great book to read to your class before you write those letters to Santa.  It helps the children visualize ways they have been good through the year (or  perhaps it will give them some last minute ideas of ways to start being good).  After reading Will Santa Come Tonight, brainstorm ways they have been well behaved.  Have them share what they would like from Santa this year.   Have them write a letter to Santa.
Lastly, make Reindeer Food with your class and attach my Reindeer Food Tag (which you can see on this page)

You can purchase the Enchanted Reindeer Treats set that includes the book on Amazon – click here!

Enchanted Reindeer Treats has a wonderful website with more details and ordering information – click here!

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Disclosure: The author offered Teaching Heart products in exchange of a review.  But the opinions posted in this post are true of the experiences found while reading the story.