June 17, 2024

Got the Jitters to Giveaway a Book!!! #6

There are so many great books to read for back to school either to your own children to get them excited about the first day or to your students to introduce them to school! I have a list of my favorites at http://www.teachingheart.net/backtoschoolreading.html . Here you can find ideas to match some of the given books too!

One of my favorite books to give to NEW teachers is First Day Jitters! As this cute picture book shows, first day jitters aren’t just for new students. The first day in a new school has Sarah Jane Hartwell wishing she could stay in bed. Mr. Hartwell tries to ease her nerves with reassurance and advice. Throughout the book you think it is a student who may have the jitters (if you look at the pictures closely, you will see some clues to who really has the jitters). Teachers get the jitters too!!! Students will make a text to self connection with the Sarah. Also, students will realize that it is normal for everyone to be nervous for the first day – even your teacher.

Makes a lovely gift for a first year teacher!

All teachers understand what the first day jitters are and they realize that even veteran teachers get those jitters. I still recall the dream I would have before school would start… My classroom was not ready and all my students suddenly show up for school!!!! I would wake up thankful that it was only a dream. Because all teachers know it takes a ton of prep to be ready for that first week of school.

Do you get the jitters before school starts?

To win this book: One entry per person. Entry must be made on or before the 14th of August.

Teachers in the comments section tell me if you get the jitters and share what you love about the first day of school. Leave your email.

Parents in the comments section tell me if your kiddos get the jitters. What do you do to calm their nerves? Leave you email.

That’s it kids! Good Luck!!

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