June 18, 2024

Back To School Party – Day 1 Book Giveaway!!!!

As a teacher, I loved getting ready for Back To School. You know how some people say that teachers are so lucky because they get their summer’s off? That really is not true for most teachers. Summers are spent planning and preparing for the new year. Most teachers are in their classrooms way before the day they are paid to be there.

As a parent I am a little sad that Back To School Time is around the corner… and I am surprised that I am sad. I thought I would be pulling my hair out about now and praying for the summer to be over. This has been a great summer. The kids and I have had fun together and I will be sad to see them go back to school… I will miss my little cutties.

Still, Back to School Time is exciting… It is a time of new beginnings and a time for a fresh start! Teaching Heart and this blog are ready to celebrate Teachers and Parents gearing up for a great year with a week of giveaways! Come back daily to see the new giveaway.

Today’s lovely giveaway is an awesome hardback book….
Amelia Bedelia’s First Day Of School

We have another great giveaway to be posted today… so keep checking so you don’t miss out!

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You may enter once until August 14th. Winner will be posted on the 17th and will be contacted for shipping address. Items will ship the week of the 17th of August.
About the Prize:
I love Amelia Bedelia books and read all of them as a child and as a teacher, I was sure to share them with my students. This book is super special because haven’t all Amelia Badelia fans wondered what Amelia Bedelia was like as a child? I know I have and this book shows Amelia as a first grader. This is the first time Amelia Bedelia has been shown as a child. With this great story we now know that Amelia started out silly and that is just the way she will always be. Ordinary first grade happenings become extraordinary with Amelia Bedelia’s literal take on all things first grade. Teachers can see themselves in Miss Edwards. She is patient but knows when enough is enough and tells Amelia, after she has gotten out of her seat many times to, “Please glue yourself to your seat.” If you know Amelia Bedelia, you can guess what she does when Miss Edwards just wants her to stay in her seat. Students get a look at a fun filled day and will laugh out loud when Amelia Bedelia does what she is told. The pictures by Lynne Avril really compliment the text and make the story even more exciting. My son loved seeing Amelia Bedelia try to put her nose in a book because he hears me tell him to do that often. This would be a great first week of school read or a special book to share with your child the night before they start school. This would also be a fantastic gift for a new teacher. I love Amelia Bedelia and enjoyed seeing her as a child in this terrific picture book!