September 30, 2023

Random thought about Jaycee Dugard’s Book

I recently finished  Jaycee Dugard’s book, A Stolen Life.  It was heartbreaking…  Hard to read at times imagining her (or anyone for that matter) in the situations she describes.  Still, I am glad I read it!  Makes you realize every day is a gift and that there is Hope when something tragic and awful happens.  It is amazing to see her triumph over such adversity, and retell her story so openly.

One thing Jaycee did later in her imprisonment was homeschool her two girls by printing worksheets off of websites.  I thought it was interesting that she said one of her favorite websites was She also said she loved the website.  Both are sites I have used often in the classroom and with my own kids.  I just think it is great that the free resources on these sites helped her.  I wonder if the owners of the sites know she mentioned their sites as a resource she used to educate her children?  I hope they do and realize that they helped her in a small way by being online and offering free resources.  Kuddos to Enchanted Learning and Super Teacher Worksheets.