July 17, 2024

Balls, Wine, and Random Stuff…

What’s up?   Some balls, some wine, some crazy busy times is up here. 

School is out for summer in four days.  Waaaahhhhhooooo…..  I am looking forward to the lazy days of summer.  Yeah, I still have to work and it is my busiest time of the year; but, I love that my kids will be off and we can do fun stuff together and with friends…  Work will happen after 8 and run till 2am…  That’s how I roll in the summer…  and if I get the kids real tired out, I can usually have some quiet time from 3-5 to get a few work related things done.  Click here and give me some work!  LOL!

So, balls…  I am having one of my bestest girls (Jenn’s) bachelorette parties here this weekend (here’s the shower).  This is a classy bachlorette party and when I say balls, I mean ones like these:

You can get the recipe for these cookie dough balls here.  Mmmmmm!!!!  And no, I could never steal the title of ball queen from Ms. Nancy!

If you know me, I love planning a party for people I love!  And I love my girlfriend!  We went to high school together but we were only acquaintances then and we had separate peer groups.  My sophomore year in college she roomed with me and three of my other friends after she transferred from Clarion to Cal U!  Thus our real friendship began… funny, but when she first moved in with us, I thought we may clash – after all we hung out with different peer groups in high school and she was voted the Girl Next Store and I was voted Cheesiest by our High School classmates.  I remember the first time I knew we would be real friends was when I was nailing a phone line from the downstairs of our apartment, up the steps, and into my room so that I could talk to my long distance boyfriend in private (yes, that was before the cordless phone was cheap).   No one in my apartment (I lived with four others) liked the idea of an ugly line running from the kitchen up two flights of steps and through the hallway to my room…  but to my surprise Jenn picked up some nails and helped me set-up the line.  We talked and laughed as we worked on the line.  That was the first time I knew she would become a real friend.  Any-who, 12 years later…  I know she will be one of those few people in my life that will always just stick!  You know how friendships go, you keep one or two from the stages of your life… some you have for a short time and there are a few that you love no matter what.  You just know God meant them to be part of your life.  You can be your real self around them and they love you.  They give and you take… You give and they take… and you equally share the love!  Jenn is definitely one of those people and we only get a few of those friends in our lifetime..  I don’t want to get into too many details and steal some material from my Matron of Honor Toast…  lol!

So wine…  I made this wine game for the party.  I think it is so cool…  I can’t wait to share that and the favor for the party once it is all done and over.  Here’s a sneak peak of part of the favor…

I hope you are enjoying life and loving the people who make yours bright.  Facebook, text, email, or call the people who brighten your life!!!  Thank God for the blessing of your friends.  Eat some balls and drink some wine with them  (sorry, just had to say it)!