July 17, 2024

Whine??? No… Wine? Yes!!!!

When my son was little, little — around age two he did not talk much at all!  We had him tested and he received speech therapy for a few years.  Those few years when he did not talk as well as his peers was really hard on me  Hell on me…  Not to mention his need to use his body instead of his words made playdates a nightmare…  Thank God for Wine!  Not that I am promoting alcoholism…  Just a glass to settle the nerves.  Great medicine (if you are over 21)!!  Don’t judge me, LOL!

Fast forward to age 8 and my drive home tonight  with him from his Piano lesson.  I found myself  listening to him talk whine about how it was unfair that he had to go straight to piano, come home do homework, and then go again to Basketball…  Him whining…  “What, mom I haven’t played the Wii in three days.  Can I please play it when we get home?”  Me, “No, because your homework will not get done!”  Repeat about three times until mom starts yelling and wishing said child could not talk…  I have to remind myself of the time he was 2, 3, and 4 years old and how dealing with his lack of any type of speech was so hard.  Back then I wished he would whine.  Any kind of conversation would have been nice.  Now, thank God he talks like a typical 8-year old boy.  I just need a glass of wine to deal with the whining now. 

I declare today…  Wine Day!!!  Join me for a virtual glass, would you?  Here are the choices…

So what should I choose???  I have tried three of these in the past.  I buy wine based on the cute name of it or if the label is cute.  I have found some great wines with this little rule.  What’s your favorite wine?  Are you a wine snob or will any do?

Cheers bloggy friends!!!