June 24, 2024

Silverlicious – Teaching Heart Review

We are big fans of Pinkalicious: The Perfectly Pink Collection! We love all the books in this series!

Grab your Madame Alexander, 18″ Goldilicious Cloth Doll, Pinkalicious and Storyland Collection, this new book (Silverlicious), and your favorite little princess and settle in for another great read!!! Children make a text to text connection with Pinkalicious and her loose tooth and her love of sweets. They get into the sweet story because they can relate to Pinkalicious and can’t imagine how it must feel to think candy is no longer sweet. Pinkalicious turns to the tooth fairy for help when she loses that sweet tooth. She writes her a letter asking her for something sweet and lays awake in hopes to catch a glimpse of the fairy. But like most kiddos, she finally falls asleep and awakes to an unusual surprise… It looks like someone else with wings came to visit and it probably wasn’t the tooth fairy. Thus, starts a marvelous journey through a few yummy holidays with Pinkalicious as she tries to get her sweet tooth back. This story ends with a message reminding Pinkalicious and the reader that Sweetness comes from the inside! Once Pinkalicious is Sweet to her brother things begin to change.

This book would make a great treat for the tooth fairy to stick under a child’s pillow in place of a tooth. It is darling and will be well loved by my princess for years to come.

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My Favorite Pink Song:
(Sung to: “jingle bells”)
Cotton candy, fat pink pigs
girls with socks and bows
That is how it goes
Bubble gum, valentines
these are all pink too
Pink icing and pink balloons
We can spell can you? YES!