July 23, 2024

O, Christmas Sweater!

O, how I love Christmas Sweaters.   If you know me or have read my blog for a bit you know I love a good Holiday themed sweater.  I “think” I am pretty stylish through out the year – lol!!!  Yet, when the holidays come,  I throw out the normal clothing and bring out the Christmas sweaters!!!  My husband says it makes me look like an old women.  Yeah, sooooo????  I can’t help myself, the sweaters call to me.  Maybe it is the teacher blood pumping through my viens…  I can’t pass a holiday themed clothing rack at Target or Macy’s without taking a look at the Holiday gear!  The pom-pom decorated trees and the shiny little sparkling snowflakes call to me…  “Buy me!”  It’s a true weakness…  Yes, I know I look like a dork in them and some of my friends would prefer I not wear them out.  I think people who wear Christmas themed outfits are just happier people!  Just look at some of my friends below who humored me and wore a Christmas sweater to a little get together I had…  Some of these people are normally NOT the Christmas themed outfit types… but they humored me.  To protect the innocent, I cut off their heads.  You are welcome!!!

So which sweater above do you like the best???  Do you wear Christmas Sweaters?  Want to see more?  Check these out!