July 23, 2024

O Christmas Sweater, O Christmas Sweater!!!

You either wear them or you don’t. I am proud to admit, I wear them…. Started wearing them when I taught and collected quite a few over the years. They scream TEACHER… I bet that 70% of the people who wear these work with children in some capacity, none are under 30, and most are over 40.

Anyhow, I have a problem… I have about 12 of these sweaters and for some reason each year they call to me: “Hey look at me I light up, Hey you don’t have one like me!” The shiny little bells chime my name, they look so awesome under the Target store lighting, and it’s my excuse to get bedazzled. I have to say to myself, STOP. YOU HAVE MANY OF THESE. WALK AWAY!!! YOU REALLY DON’T LOOK GOOD IN THOSE, NO ONE DOES!!!

Come on, confess, you secretly like them too. You have one. What is it like?

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