April 13, 2024

Clash of the Christmas Ornaments

Two loves in our house…
#1.) we all love Disney and the movies and characters that go along with Disney.
#2.) My husband (and my son) LOVE Star Wars. So our tree gets to share our love…
So here’s the things: I like Star Wars, but Star Wars doesn’t make a cute ornament. We have large Darth Vader Ornaments that say things like, “I’m your father!” and “You are not a Jedi yet!”every time you plug in our tree. Not exactly getting me in the Christmas Spirit!
We have tons of Star Wars Ornaments because my husband collected them when he was younger and before we were married. We have tons of Disney, because I collected those before kiddos. My husbands mom STILL buys her 35+ year old Star Wars Ornaments every year (So we have at least one Star Wars ornament from 1985 on)… Before kids I could get away with hiding all the Star Wars Ornaments behind the tree. Then something bad happened… My son got deep into Star Wars and started to insist the ornaments be placed where all could see. Better yet, he likes to have certain ships fly with certain ships.

How I dream of having a pretty tree… but we have a Star Wars/Disney Tree. The weird thing is at night I think the Star Wars ornaments come to life and attack my poor little Disney ornaments…. It’s just not pretty! So all you bloggers out there that have shared your beautiful trees decorated like they belong in a magazine, I envy you!!!