July 17, 2024

Birthday Parties!!! Star Wars Part II

Tip Junkie is running a week of birthday ideas… For my friends that think we go all out for Z’s parties, hop over to Tip Junkie and check out the super cool parties she is featuring there.

The Teaching Heart Spiderman Birthday Party was featured on the Tip Junkie blog!

Right now I am about a week away from Z’s big Star Wars Jedi Training Camp Birthday. I love planning parties as I told you here. Still there is so much I want to do and getting it all done is always the problem. So far the garage is cleaned out, the games are all planned, and I have written two scripts (one that includes rain and one that doesn’t) that detail how the party is to be set-up. My philosophy is when you have more than five boys in the a small area, keeping them constantly busy usually keeps them out of trouble…

Last night I was working on party stuff from about 9 till 2:00 AM. Time flies when you are having fun. You should see my to-do list… It is sooo long. My hubby is very much into the planning of this party. He even created a 12 minute training camp video complete with Star Wars clips to match the games I have planned. He recorded my son reading a few lines and added my son to the video. Yoda is even on the video wishing Z a happy 6th birthday. Hopefully Z loves the video and it will be a nice keepsake for us. My daughter, who is 2 1/2, has seen it and it kept her attention very well! I am hoping the kids at the party will enjoy it too.

Of course I have already started checking the weather and they are calling for rain… We will manage with the rain, but I would much rather be able to use the outside too! Fingers crossed!

With all this party talk, here are a few links that party planners may find interesting or helpful!

How To Throw a Kids Party Without Costing a Fortune – good tips on keeping the cost down. I also like the explanations of why people throw kids parties.

Birthdays Without Pressure – They tell you what an out of control party is… You have to read these examples!

Time Article – Very interesting about what some people do.

FYI: I learned something new while planning this party. TRY YOUTUBE for ideas you can really see. Go to www.youtube.com and search for the party theme you are looking for (star wars birthday, princess birthday, Dora birthday…) and watch other peoples clips from their party. I think I watched every Star Wars Birthday Part Youtube Video ever made. That may explain why I haven’t gone to bed till at least 1:00 AM for about a week now!!!

Here are some youtube examples.
Star Wars Birthday Party
Star Wars Party II – hopefully the kids don’t do this to Vader at Z’s party!!!
More Star Wars – PS. if the Birthday Gods want to give me their weather, I’ll take it!
Jedi Training Birthday
Princess Birthday Party
High School Musical Party