July 17, 2024

Gingerbread Girls Night Out!

Last year I had a Gingerbread Party for my daughter which you can see some pictures of here…  It went really well and I noticed that the moms were getting really into making the houses with the girls.  At that moment I had a vision of a few of my friends gathered around a table of Gingerbread Houses and decorations.  This year that vision became reality!  I hosted a Gingerbread Girls Night out with a few of my friends.  They were instructed to bring their house pre assembled without decorations on them.   I had many decorations on the decorating table as well as a tube of cookie icing for each ginger-girl!  It was perfect, we all sat around the table, kid free, sipping gingerbread chillers and wine!  It was exactly how I dreamed it would be.  The perfect group of people enjoying a relaxing evening!

My hubby voted on the best gingerbread house, most creative, and cleanest house!!   Prized were awarded!  It was a fun night!  I highly suggest it.  Grab a bottle of wine, some pre assembled Gingerbread Houses, and a few friends and enjoy the season!   Cheers!