July 23, 2024

Pittsburgh South Hills Favorite Lights!!!

I have to Thank all the houses out there that put out a million lights over the holiday season. You make my kids so happy. They love driving around seeing the big blown up characters, the houses that go crazy with millions of lights, and the plastic lawn characters. Below are our two favorite houses around the South Hills… If you have a fave around the South Hills of Pittsburgh, I will add it. Just send me a picture of it and the name of the street it is found on!!!

The first is on Willow Glen Drive in Bethel Park PA:
This house has Frosty, The Grinch, and various Santa Claus decorations…. My kids love this! It is a hidden one you may never see unless you go down Willow Glen Road off of Irish Town. Willow Glen is a Dead End Road, so you can’t miss this house. You can tell someone puts a lot of love into this!!!

Our Second Favorite is on Bunker Hill Road Off of Bower Hill Road. This House is also done at Halloween with millions of lights. This one looks professionally done.