October 5, 2022

Note to the Unorganized Person…

Okay, lately I have been somewhat obsessed with little baskets and organizing things into them. Today I spent the better part of the afternoon organizing the millions of playroom toys into little baskets. My son even said to my daughter when she put a people in the furniture basket; “Everything has a place and this does not go here.” I was so proud!

I also love storage bins and other organizers. I am a dork, I know… Seriously, life is soooooo much easier if my stuff is in the right place.

(Watch out this is where you see me stepping onto a Soap Box) Yes, I have a place for the Box Tops so that I can stick them in their place when they come off the box and then they can be easily stuck on the sheet to go to school. Yes, all my office supplies are in one place. Yes I label things. Yes, I try to find home for the stuff I own. Yes, I have one place where I keep all my pictures or photo albums. It so annoys me when I go into an unnamed persons house and they have old pictures thrown in drawers that contain socks, unopened packages of pens, batteries, loose change, and other loose items. Not just one drawer (which is understandable if it is just one – even two) but 90% of your drawers filled with loose items. GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK AND DO NOT TELL ME YOUR LIFE IS NOT HECTIC BECAUSE YOU LIVE LIKE THIS!!! Why not take all those loose items and make a place or home for each one??? Why, why must you throw everything into drawers never to be found again? Why, do you buy Hallmark Cards and throw them into a drawer and never use them (because you don’t even know you have them because they are thrown in a drawer of junk)? Why do you save every card that every person in your life has given you? Why, why do you have 100’s of dishes, Tupperware, mugs, pots and pans when there are less than 3 people in your home? Why, do you let clutter take over spaces in your home instead of just chucking it or giving it away? I promise life would be easier if you were organized!!! Don’t store things you will never use. My theory, not used in a year, give it away to someone that will use it!!! There are tons of donation places in all towns. From the Vietnam Vets to Goodwill to Salvation Army. These places make it so easy to donate!!!
So probably right now is where some of you are offended at my lack of tolerance for the unorganized and if you know me personally you probably will clean your drawers before I come over. Please don’t to that… Note: I never look in people drawers unless I am invited too. I too have unorganized parts of my life. But I like to think at least 75% of my house in organized. I don’t think you are a bad person if you can’t walk in some of your rooms because of the clutter and I don’t think you are a dirty person… I just wish you would see that life would be easier if you had less and organized what you have…

One more thing… get a calendar and use it. Write everything on it. Mine even has on it that my son needs to bring Mittens to school on Monday for a project. If it s not on my calendar, I forget.

Wow, that feels good to speak honestly about organization!!!! If you have some great tips, please post in the comments section. I am always looking for new ideas.

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