July 17, 2024

Thumbs Up!!!

Thought I would share my son’s three favorite Christmas gifts… The ones he plays with the most and the ones that I think are great. These would make great gift ideas for a 5-7 year old.

First Up is Weekly Reader Editor’s Choice 10 Book Set with CDs on QVC


10 Quality Hard Covered Books with Read Along CD’s. These are fantastic and this is our third year to buy the set of books. I download each CD onto Itunes and then make a playlist of the books and my son can listen to the books consecutively without getting up to change a CD. This equals quiet time for mommy! The books are always loved by my son. This would be a great set to get and keep for birthday presents. Give one book and CD as a birthday gift. You would have ten great gifts. Also great for the classroom listening center. Highly recommend these!

#2. Is a board game called Scooby Doo Haunted House Game. My Son has played this 100 times since he got it for a gift. He is a big Scooby fan, plus he loves traps. This game is all about traps. It is fast paced & you can finish a game in about ten minutes. The game is simple enough that he and a friend can play it without adult help. Mommy loves that!

#3 is The VTech Digital Camera

The controls are easy (my son figured everything out in less than a half hour). It does video with voice, pics and has simple games. It is so much fun to see what my son chooses to take pictures of. While the camera shoots pictures with about the quality of a cell phone it is not discouraging in any way to him, he shows them off quite proudly. He can even add noses to people or hats with just a click. He loves that and my husband and I even had fun putting pig noses on each others pictures. It also holds about 200 pictures. Super easy to connect to your computer — no software needed. I really think this camera is one of the best I have seen for little ones. I am hoping to do a scavenger hunt with him where I give him a list and he has to take pictures of the things on the list.