May 18, 2024

1.2.3.. Let the Craziness Begin! (Hodge Podge Christmas)

Ok, lots going on here…

Can you check these items off your list???

Cookies, CHECK!  Over 9 dozen done.  Some given as gifts and others are ready to tray over the Holidays!!!

Son’s classroom teacher gift done…  We collected enough money to get this o-so cute running bag with running goodies.  Also she is getting a tree with 200 in gift cards.  She is awesome and deserves it!  All teacher gifts are done.  Don’t forget the gym, music, library, bus, Spanish, gifted, special education teachers too.  They work just as hard and are often forgotten on Christmas.  Even just a card with a nice note in it will do.  Please don’t forget them!!!!
It’s all wrapped up…  My Christmas wrapping is done and each item is boxed and ready to be loaded in the car.  Check out my gift wrapping treat below from one of my best buds.  She made me a gift wrapping basket with paper, bags, tape, ribbons, and more.  I used every single thing in the basket.  Gotta love a functional gift!
Sick kids who throw up all over your grocery cart…  Yeah, I am totally done with that!!!!  Here is one recovering!  You know they are sick when they fall asleep while watching the Grinch!
Gingerbread House Making parties are done…  I did two of them and assembled over 15 Gbread houses…  Check back this week for a post on all the fun!!!
Homeroom Mom Craziness…  My son’s teacher had an awesome idea!  She wanted to video tape the kids reading their Santa letters that they wrote to Santa.  When the videos would not send from the school server, I came up with a great idea, let’s make a DVD…    Here’s one of the DVD’s… 
Here’s his teacher’s pretty bulletin board with the Santa Letters on them.  It was so cute, the Principal came in to tell the class that one night while she was at school late, she spotted what she thought was the Janitor reading the letters.  She walked closer because she was not sure and when she got closer she noticed the man was in a Red Suit and had a Reindeer next to him.  Before the Principal could say a word to the man, he put his finger on his nose and disappeared.  My son came running home to tell this story.  The next day I sent him out to get the mail and there was a letter addressed to him from the North Pole.  Santa had written about going to his school and reading his letter.  So, what the Principal said to his class must have been true.  He was amazed!  What a special treat!!!!
Have you tried to burn a few calories this Holiday Season?  I have!  I even worked out in my Christmas Sweater, hat, and Christmas socks.  It was such a fun way to get the calorie burning done!!!  Here I am ready to go…  can you tell it’s 5am and I just jumped out of bed about 10 min. ago.???
I love Christmas…  It’s just makes me feel good.  I love gift giving and getting.  I love remembering the special people in my life in a special way…  I just love it.  My favorite thing about the holidays is Christmas Eve Mass and the way it refreshes me and makes me so Thankful for life and all it’s blessings.  My relationship with God grows each day and for some reason on Christmas Eve at Mass I feel so close to him and so at Peace.  May your Christmas be blessed and while you go crazy this week… stop on Christmas Eve and breathe and let God!!!