June 24, 2024

Last Minute Gifts

Ok, I did about 90% of my shopping online this year!  I hate going out to the stores and dealing with the bad attitudes of people.  The drivers cut you off, people grab things out of your hands, and the people checking you out complain…  It all gets me in a bad mood when I should be joyous…  Thus, I shopped online this year at Kohl’s, Target, JcPenny, Snapfish and Amazon.  Amazon with out a doubt wins hands down on the speediness and prices of all online stores.  In fact, if you order today or Monday I know Amazon will deliver by the 24th.  They rock.  I ordered my girlfriend a treat for her kids and she called me the next day to thank me…  I was amazed she had already gotten the item considering I had just ordered it the AM before.  Amazon has the system down…  They rule!  Kohl’s – I love the store and their prices; but they get a C Minus in the shipping area from me this year.  They take forever to ship an item…  Ugh, I am still hoping something I ordered three weeks ago makes it before Xmas. 

So need to get a last minute present right now… use Amazon by clicking below…  I have another tip for you below this…

My girlfriend was saying how she was bummed she had to run out to a store to get a gift card.  I told her about how most online stores (B&N, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Kohls’, and Amazon…) have gift cards on their website.  You can buy the card and print out the gift card right at your computer.  Starbucks even lets you design your own card.  Then you can go wrap that gift card up without stepping out of your door… so if you are last minute that is my tip for you.  Buy gift cards online, print them out, wrap them, and be done…

Also, don’t forget…  you could always purchase my printable pack and make your own gifts…  Click here to learn more.

Do you have any last minute shopping tips.