July 17, 2024

Great Gifts For the 5 to 7 Year Old

Here are the gifts Santa is considering for my Little Map Loving Man this year. Maybe my ideas will give you ideas. Just some great toys for a five to seven year old! If you click on the image you can read more about the product and you can also read reviews from people who have purchased the items in the past!

Some Other Things That Look Cool and I know a kiddo Would Love:

These two things are on his wish list… but Santa can’t afford the first one and the second one: he asks for this but never plays with the GEOTRAX anymore. They look really cool though!

Here are some toys that get my THUMBS UP because we already own them and they are loved by my six year old and they are very cool!!!

If you have a 5 to 7 year old, I hope you got a few ideas from this post.