July 17, 2024

The golden Anchor: Great Romantic Get Away For Those in PA!

My friend Nancy is one of those people that always knows the best places to go and see around our area. She is always up on what shop is coming in or what a certain place is like. I really respect her opinion on things and she always has one! I asked her to write a blog about a getaway she had with her husband because it sounded so great. After reading what she had to say and looking over the website, I was ready to pack and head out to The Golden Anchor with or without my hubby!

Recently my husband and I went on a weekend trip to the mountains of West Virginia. Bob had spent the past 3+ years working and living in Maryland and now is working much closer. My 6 year old daughter and I lived in our home outside of Pittsburgh. We usually saw him on weekends but many times several weeks would go by with him working. But that’s a whole other post. We’ve been married 16 years and really never traveled for fun much. Anyhow, my sister and parents generously agreed to take care of Carly and our dog for the weekend. We found a cabin we liked on the internet. I was a bit worried because what you see isn’t always what you get. But we were both thrilled with the cabin. The owners and staff were very welcoming.

You can see pictures at http://www.goldenanchorcabins.com/. Ours was Pondview which slept six. There is a Honeymoon cabin which was already booked when we called. When we arrived at the cabin, the table was set and soft music was playing. It was a gorgeous place with a gas fireplace, huge satellite TV, fully and beautifully furnished with a hot tub and fabulous view. We also had dinner at the Golden Anchor Restaurant which we both enjoyed.
We spent a rainy Saturday at Blackwater Falls State Park. (http://www.blackwaterfalls.com/) Even in the rain it was a great place to hike and take pictures. We heard that the biking trails and ski areas are also great there. We’d missed the peak fall colors by a couple weeks but it still was a stunning view. This area is also considered New Canaan Valley. (http://www.canaanresort.com/) Bob is a hunter and we enjoyed driving around and watching the deer. Later we spent some time in the hot tub which was rather romantic and very unusual for us. It wasn’t a totally secluded deck but it was still private. We had a wonderfully relaxing time together, reconnecting in a beautiful, scenic area. We would absolutely recommend a weekend here for anyone. We hope to go back again next year when the colors are at their peak.

By Nancy
(Thanks Nancy!!!!)