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8 Mar

ST. Pat’s Day Fun

- Ahhhh, make St. Pat’s day truly magical for your kids, Forever Flamingo has such a cute idea.

- Go on a Lucky Gold Hunt with your kids.

- Check out his cute book!

Around The House

-I like this chore idea at Play, Explore, and Learn. I need to someday set up something formal like this for my kiddos.

Fun Learning

-Storytime and More posted some Dr. Seuss printables that your kids may enjoy!

-Ooooohhhh, my addiction to Starbucks may come in handy. Check out this great idea for paint holders.

-I am really enjoying all the thinks posted at the Saturday Showcase… Go check it out at

- I would like to try this Lamb Craft with my three year old this week.

-Wow, I love these green egg cookies and while you are looking check out all the great Seuss ideas!

For Mommy

-Make Mini Meatloafs

-Mommy Make Trail Mix

-Some Funny for the Facebook Moms

-Difference between 1 and 4!