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1 Mar

Wow, feels like winter has been here forever… O, how I look forward to getting outside with the kids again. Going to the parks, going swimming, long walks down to the lake to feed the ducks, bike rides on the trail, & time with friends. It is almost here… I can feel it. Come on Spring!!! While we wait, I wanted to share some products that have gotten us though these winter months. My three year old and six year old love these over and over again! If you need something to get you through the last few weeks of winter, why not... 

8 Jan

Students need lots of practice determining which kinds of stories are multiplication and which kind of story problems can be solved with division. My third graders struggle with knowing the difference between a multiplication story and a division story. This craftivity is perfect practice of writing multiplication and division stories using fact families.   I used this with my third grade class after test completion of Topic 8 in our Envisions Math Program.   You can learn more about this at TPT – click here! Students color the... 

5 Mar

I took down the snowflakes and snowmen this week because this second grade teacher is done with winter!!!  Our math garden in the back of the classroom is so refreshing!!!  You can have one too!  You can download the printables to this craft on TPT by clicking here! How does our garden measure up craftivity -I had my second grade students complete this as a math center.   I can imagine it would work well in first and third grade as well.   You can see how I set up the center in the packet. Once the students have the craft put together... 

14 Dec

Merry Christmas to you!  I asked the Teaching Heart Facebook fans to share how they know Christmas break is almost in their future.  The answer were funny and some heartfelt.  You will have to go to our Facebook page to read them all.  I selected my favorites that I will share with you in this post!  First support Teaching Heart and make the last few days fun and educational for your students not to mention stress free for you!!   Make life easier with out winter games bundle for Kindergarten to Second Grade!  Games that you can... 

22 Nov
Snowballtoss game

The printables to make the game seen at this post can be found in this set: I had some snowman ping pong balls that I made to use with this sensory table left over…  I put them to use to create a new game for my daughter’s Holiday Party at school. To play: Fill-Up the Snowman Cup (Throw Game) – This game can be set-up on a table or the floor. Pick a student to be the score keeper. Everyone else lines up. The score keeper will write down the final score for each player (on score sheet provided ). Five balls are needed to... 

21 Nov
Gingerbread Cookie Relay Party Game - Homeroom Moms Come See!

Walking around the dollar store a few days ago and trying to come up with a classroom relay for the Holiday Party and I saw these cut-outs of Ginger Cookies and thought a Gingerbread Cookie relay would be fun for a party.  Inexpensive too.  Everything can be found at home or bought at the dollar store. YOU NEED: Two Cookie Sheets Two Spatulas 10 Gingerbread Cut-outs Two plates Tape for a turn around line… Gingerbread Cookie Race (Hall Relay Game) Make two relay lines. START – with the cookie sheet at the end (5 Gingerbread... 

13 Nov
Cookie Crazy Review Game

Here’s a fun game to use with small groups or as a center.  You can use it to review any skill.  Also would be perfect for a fun Holiday party game…  Check it out room moms!!! Set Up: Place Three Plates of Cookies on the finish plate. Mix all playing cards up with the leftover plates of cookies and place face down on the section of the board marked card pile. Place playing pieces on start. To play: First player takes the card off the top of the card pile. If the card has words, the player reads the card and moves playing... 

12 Nov
Winter Snowball Fights!!!

Here’s a fun new game you can use to review math skills that have numbers as answers. Object of the game: Be the first player to cover up your fort with 24 snowballs by finding the answer to the questions on the cards (pages 16, 17, 18). Page 17 and 18 have blank cards that you can add your own skill to if you choose. How to player: each player needs a playing card (page 13 or 14) Each player needs snowball markers (page 15 or use mini marshmallows). Cards (pages 16, 17, 18) are printed, cut and placed face down. Players take turns... 

10 Nov
Winter Party GAmes Please follow the link and save over 50% off our new set!!  The games seen below can be made with this set!!!  

1 Nov
Teacher Halloween Quote

You did it, you survived Halloween!!!  When you are ready to Gobble, you must see the ideas here and here! Be sure you download my free Thank You God Ideas… and for those that are super planners…  bring on the winter fun with 100′s of ideas here!  For Snowman Resources to use in Pre- School and Kinder… Go Here! Don’t forget to Fall Back tonight!!      

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