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23 Nov

Wow, it feels so good to get an award for my blog. My first blogging award. It is from Super Fun Mama! I enjoy that blog very much. She has super great ideas and makes me wish she was my mom!!! Thank you very much! After being in the Website Word for 10 plus years with and getting many awards for that website… this is my first blogging award and it is good to feel that excitement again!!! This week has given me lots of bad news and this is the first good news I have gotten this week. Thanks for the smile.  

21 Nov

My menu is set and I need to shop now. Here’s my menu with links to the recipes I will use. Menu Holiday Cranberry Sauce – Simple but good! I once made one of those fancy cranberry sauces and it was too much for my taste. Truthfully, I like the stuff that comes out of the can too! Turkey Stuffing/Dressing – I use the recipe here. I add water chestnuts & pine nuts to it. When I worked at Houlihan’s in my younger years, the stuffing they made for their Thanksgiving dinner was so good and it had water... 

19 Nov

My friend Amy gave me this idea years ago and we use it every year. When it snows and the kids want to play in the snow and you don’t… bring the snow inside for loads of fun. This is a picture from last year. FROM AMY:I don’t know about you but I wasn’t as excited about the snow as my kids were this morning. My children were convinced that it is time to sled ride and build snowmen. I tried to tell them that there isn’t enough snow. They weren’t convinced… .until we stood outside waiting for buses and then they realized they couldn’t go very far... 

19 Nov

Above is our Thanksgiving Play list. These tunes get the kids moving like a Turkey!  

16 Nov

Okay, my name is Colleen and I am somewhat addicted to Facebook… truthfully, it is the blackhole in my life. For those of you that do not know what Facebook is, it is a FREE way to connect with the people in your world. Facebook incorporates a news feed type system where you can see what’s new with your friends, for example if they posted some pictures last night, or made a clever remark on the Facebook page of a friend you have in common. Overall it’s an online social tool. One can use Facebook to catch up, to waste time, or to organize an event , reconnect with a long lost friend, and... 

16 Nov

It’s a work in progress, but I have posted a page on Teaching Heart about the Star Wars Party I had for my son. You can watch me work on the Star Wars page here:  

13 Nov

So excited to tell you about a free offer from Oprah and Snapfish that my friend BETH just told me about… To help you get organized, is offering The Oprah Winfrey Show viewers a free 8″ x 11″ custom-cover photo book! – Waaaahoooo!!! I love a free offer and this is a good one. I am such a fan of these books & of Snapfish. I make one each year for each child. It’s a digital scrapbook where you can add backgrounds, crop pictures, and add text. Who has time to scrapbook… well, not me anymore due to my addiction to blogging and reading blogs. I have... 

8 Nov

Both of my kiddos love Jan Brett’s story the Gingerbread Baby. In September Jan Brett released a sequel to her Gingerbread Baby called Gingerbread Friends. In the Gingerbread Baby, Mattie made the Gingerbread Baby a house to live in. In this sequel, The Gingerbread Baby is lonely and needs a friend. Where should he look to find a friend? Find out when you read about his Gingerbread Friends adventure. The Gingerbread Baby is found looking for a friend to live in the house Mattie made for him. Along the way he realizes that not all cookies want to be his friend and that sometimes home is... 

6 Nov

My friend Nancy is one of those people that always knows the best places to go and see around our area. She is always up on what shop is coming in or what a certain place is like. I really respect her opinion on things and she always has one! I asked her to write a blog about a getaway she had with her husband because it sounded so great. After reading what she had to say and looking over the website, I was ready to pack and head out to The Golden Anchor with or without my hubby! FROM NANCY: Recently my husband and I went on a weekend trip to the mountains of West Virginia. Bob had spent the... 

2 Nov

Guess what I am going to tell you about??? You guessed it, another craft that mommy sets-up and the kiddos do! With Perler Beads your kiddos can create really cool designs with little plastic beads that can be strung together, or melted together with an ordinary household iron (Mommy does the iron part)! This is probably best for ages 5 and up because it uses lots of fine motor skills… It’s something you need to try first to see if they can do otherwise I can see this craft being more frustration than fun. Still I found a way to get my 2 year old into these little beads too & I... 

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