July 12, 2024

Sticker Time

My almost three year old loves stickers… Here is something that keeps her busy a good 20 minutes… I give her stickers and she decorates plain paper with them. She loves it. I know it is a simple idea. Still I thought I would post it for those that have never given it a try!

Check out: http://www.notimeforflashcards.com/search?q=sticker for some more toddler sticker ideas.

You can buy a package of stickers and a package of construction paper and help you child put the stickers on. They really enjoy the process, although they aren’t too interested in the finished product at this toddler stage. But they will have fun putting the stickers on, with your help. My daughter loves putting stickers all over a paper plate. You can buy the little round stickers cheap at walmart in the office section.

Also, you can buy window clings that look like jello in your local grocery store or dollar store. They are often seasonal… right now we have hearts. My daughter loves to put them on and take them off our windows. This too has provided her a fun time and mommy some time to blog, facebook, work…

Need some time with your hubby this weekend? Go grab some stickers and keep the kiddos busy while the two of you enjoy a coffee!