July 17, 2024

100th Day of School

Well, Phil the Groundhog saw his shadow and I need to get over it and realize, winter is here to stay for a few more weeks. So I am moving on and looking towards the 100th day of school. It should be around the corner for many students. Funny, this is my first year being on the other side of the 100th day… the parent side and not the teacher side. My son brought in 100 shamrocks for a project he will do in school. Now he has decided what he wants to wear to school for the 100th day – 100 Star Wars Characters. My plan is to print characters on iron on paper in groups of five. I will iron them to a T-shirt… Figure 50 on each side. He can count out the 50 he wants on each side. More to come later…

I was out looking around the blog world seeing what other do:
Check out a cute way to display 100 pennies

Wow, look at Carter’s 100th day shirt.

How about a Skittles Hat!
Some other cute ideas:
Dollare stores sell 100 piece puzzles. You could have your child bring a 100 piece puzzle to school as their 100th thing to bring. Or if you’re having your class do this, buy a few 100 piece puzzles and have a group of kids work together to put it together.

Check out all the ideas on Teaching Heart
See some fun 100 Days Clips:

My son loved this little guys song!

Be Sure to Have your child play on StarFall

The 100th Day of School Rules!
I think today is quite cool.
It is our 100th day of school.
Should we celebrate by jumping in a pool?
I think that might be too cool!
Instead, let’s count to 100 ten times.
Let’s see if we can make 100 rhymes.
There is so much we can do with our number!
There is no time to slumber,
when you are playing with our magic number.
Yesterday was our 99th day of school.
I know that because I am not a fool.
Yes, today we are celebrating the 100th day of school!
Doesn’t that rule?
POEM BY: Colleen Gallagher Copyright @ 2004 – 2009