July 12, 2024

Creative Kids Valentine’s Cards

The weekend before the school Valentine’s Day parties is here. Thought I would share a few ideas for Valentine’s Day cards and some other blogs with interesting Valentine’s Day Card Ideas.

Two ideas from two friends:
My friend and neighbor Amy B. made these cute Flock of Valentines. Amy says, “I got that idea from Ranger Rick magazine. It is so cute. Those are the bigger pipe cleaners you can get at Michael’s. Construction paper, eyes, you can use feathers for the tail too.”
My friend Rebecca made these lollipop vday flower cards. They are cute and yummy!

Here’s all the supplies. Construction paper, marker, Dum Dum, scissors and a pattern of a flower.
Cut a small slit in the center of the flower and slid the dum dum in for the stem. They can write their name around the edge.

Thanks Amy & Rebecca! 🙂

What my kids are giving out this year:

Here are the candy bar wrappers my son will hand out this year. He signs each wrapper. Then wraps it around a bar. Now the kids have a sweet treat – no gift bag needed!!!

I am into the scratch stickers (you can buy them on EBAY). Basically a gray round sticker sticker you stick over a picture or word and then scratch it off to reveal what is underneath…
This one has a picture of who the Valentine is from. Just like the scratch and win lottery tickets. I copied the graphic by doing an image search on google. I used the postcard template in publisher to create the file.

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